How to Position Your Brand on Social Networks?

16 Aug.2020

How to Position Your Brand on Social Networks

Every startup entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to grow their company. And when we talk about growth in the Digital Age, some actions are indispensable for any organisation. One is to position the brand on social networks.

However, this is not such a simple task. It is not enough to create a blog or a Facebook page and wait for followers to fall from the sky or to open a YouTube account and not launch videos frequently. Even if it does, the content should spark interest in the audience. It is necessary to create a solid strategy on social networks to achieve good results.

The first step is to understand the behaviour of users on each network. This will help you choose the most appropriate channel and communicate better with your followers. Therefore, we decided to show in this post how your company should invest in brand positioning on social networks. Check out!

Importance of social networks for brands

Importance of social networks for brands

According to a Statista report, 243 Million of Americans access social networks. Of these, 69% browse their favourite social sites via mobile devices. With respect to payments via social networks, it is estimated that they have already reached the 895 billion dollar mark in the USA.

The data shows how relevant these media are in the daily lives of consumers. That is why organisations from different segments are increasingly investing in strategies to attract customers through social networks.

Here are some advantages they can provide for your business:

Low cost in campaigns

In addition to dynamism, the cost for communication actions on social networks is much lower than on traditional channels. They also enable personalized communication, which speaks directly to the public and within their particularities.

Ease of measurement

One of the main characteristics of digital channels is the ease of measuring Digital Marketing actions. Social media is no different. There are several tools for you to understand the user’s behaviour better and, with that, plan more consistent and assertive actions.

Diversity of contents and formats

Each person has their wishes, desires and tastes. Some like reading better, others prefer videos, while others are more attracted to images. The diversity of channels and formats allows you to reach these users in the best way.

Higher use in the relationship with the customer

Acting correctly in social networks, a company manages to reap good results in the relationship with its customers and followers. When conducting an opinion poll, making a retraction or even promoting new products and services, the company is approaching people and building a positive relationship with them.

What are the characteristics of leading social networks?

What are the characteristics of the main social networks

To know how to position the brand on social networks, it is essential to understand the characteristics of each one.

See below:


It is the largest social network of all time and one of the most used by organizations. And when we talk about digital presence, we can consider the following question:

Having a website is very important: It is your home on the Internet. It’s your online business. Even with all the potential of Facebook, creating your own website, which speaks of your brand, your products and services, is essential to generate credibility and engagement with users.

Facebook, in turn, should be one of the channels of traffic to your website. A way to interact directly with the public, to make your brand stronger and closer to them.

The secret to attracting consumers’ attention is to produce quality content. In addition, you should always seek to interact. Analyze publications that generate more interaction with users and invest in them.

Generally, publications on holidays, curiosities and posts with touches of humour bring good results. The tip is to make an editorial calendar to determine the days and types of content that will be published.

Another advantage of this social network is the ability to segment. It is an excellent channel for campaigning and advertising products and services. This segmentation can be quite diverse: age, gender, profession, location, interests and more, which makes the campaigns more assertive and targeted.


The big difference between LinkedIn and the other social networks is in the content, as it is a professional interaction network. Companies from different segments are present in this network, which has a way of presenting material relevant to the business of any organisation.

Many people see LinkedIn as a replacement for the resume, but it can be used to position your brand. Thinking about the B2B relationship, for example, you will see that this network is a great Marketing tool to bring companies together.

Other outstanding characteristics are the exchange of professional experiences, hiring and job searches. For many companies, having a LinkedIn profile is mandatory and part of the initial employee hiring process.

Invest in this network to strengthen your company’s relationship with professionals in your market – seek references or suppliers.


Unlike other networks, Twitter is a more immediate interaction platform. Generally, the user seeks instant information – discussions, controversies and news of the day, are various agendas.

A good strategy for companies is to use this network for specific situations. Try to offer up-to-date information about what happens in your company, the diversity of products and the events scheduled.


To talk to the Instagram user, it is necessary to think about images, as this is the main feature of the network. It works very well for companies in the field of fashion, beauty and artistic productions or all types of content where images can be more relevant than text.

As the visual appeal is the most important factor on Instagram, invest in producing good images to stand out on this network.

How should your company position the brand on social media?

How should your company position the brand on social media

The first step towards good social media management is to understand where your audience is. Thus, it will be easier to outline strategies aimed at good results and engagement.

Check out some tips:

Define a goal for actions

Before publishing your content, set a goal for all actions. Whether to increase brand visibility or interact with customers, it is crucial to think about the results you want to achieve. Also, proper planning will save you time and money.

Run campaigns and various tests

There is no magic formula for your publications to be successful on social networks. So it’s essential to run tests to optimise your actions and increase the number of conversions through these channels.

Positioning the brand on social media correctly will ensure that your business has more visibility, engagement with its customers and users. Create relevant content for your audience and use the resources that these networks offer, to generate more visits to your website and, consequently, more business opportunities.

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