Types of Content You Must Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

15 Apr.2020

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Just like last year, quality content will make or break the deal in 2020. Users keep looking for quality content and they will continue to do the same. With that in mind, it’s a great idea to keep looking for new types of content to include in your marketing strategy.

Listed below are five of these that might be exactly what you need.

1. Start your own blog section

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As you probably already know, the web is all about blogs. More and more people are using their expertise to start a blog and attract users to their site. Businesses in all industries can also use this strategy to get more potential customers to visit their website. So, if you don’t already have a blog section on your website, it’s time to create one.

Whether you decide to write about how you do things or what’s new in the sector, you’ll see more customers showing up. Not only this, but they’ll trust you more and be more likely to make a purchase. If you’ve never run a blog before, taking a writing course before you start is a good idea.

2. Record quality videos

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Right now, video content generates more content than any other type of content. There are no doubt videos will dominate in 2020 as well and including them in your marketing strategy is a must. Luckily, creating quality video content is now easier than ever. All you have to do is come up with interesting ideas and connect with experts who specialize in creating this type of content.

What’s more, you don’t even need any special equipment to create some video content for your social media pages. As long as you have a smartphone, you can record live videos when announcing new products or hosting competitions. Social media users love Facebook Live and Instagram Live videos and will be glad to engage in your content.

3. Create the best infographics

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We live in the age of big data and it’s important to remember that when creating content. Your job is to communicate complex data to your audience and make sure they’re able to grasp it. Infographics are the absolute winner when it comes to big data as they rely on graphics and text to represent complex data.

On top of this, every infographic you post has the potential to go viral and take your content marketing strategy to the next level. Of course, in order for this to happen, you have to create accurate and visually appealing infographics. Your safest bet is to work with professionals who can help you create them. For example, experts at Infostarters make the best infographics and turning to them is a great idea.

4. Post social media stories

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Initially, stories were reserved for Snapchat. Now, almost every social media platform uses this format, including Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. What users love so much about stories is that they create authentic content. Stories are usually created on the spot, which is exactly what users want. Most companies now rely on social media stories to create the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO.

This is because stories are available for a limited time, thus encouraging users to take action more quickly. Use options such as hashtags and polls to drive people to your stories and grow your social media follower base. If you’re on Instagram, using effects such as boomerang and superzoom can make your stories more appealing.

5. Jump on the augmented reality train

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Not so long ago, augmented reality (AR) was something you could only see in Sci-Fi movies and video games. Fast forward to 2020 and AR has found its use in various industries. Companies use it to take their user experience and storytelling to the next level. For example, giants such as IKEA create AR content that allows customers to take a look at how products will look in their home.

Customers are able to engage in this content as AR is becoming more accessible and affordable. Not only this, but they view AR content as innovative and something they didn’t experience before. Barriers are coming down when it comes to technology and we can expect to see more from AR in the future.


Having a good content marketing strategy has never been more important than it is right now. Include these five types of content into your strategy and there’s no doubt your content will reach new heights.

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