Use This SEO Checklist Before You Hit Publish

19 Sep.2018

SEO Checklist

If you love blogging and have lots to write about, it is important you know that what could attract a good traffic for your blog posts without which writing blogs might lose its charm for you. When it comes to having a great website traffic for your blog, creating good content is very important, but so is having good SEO.

Without a good SEO, you might even find it difficult to achieve online visibility for your blog posts. So once you have finished writing a blog article, just follow this simple SEO checklist before you hit the publish button.

1. Create an attractive and searchable blog title

If you want your blog to appear on the top search engine results, then one of the best ways to do it is to make an attractive and searchable blog title. While creating a blog title, ensure that you include the popular keywords or phrase that people might actually use to search for the content your blog article is about.

What you can do is enter your blog title into Google search engine and go at the bottom of the search results where you will be able to find the ‘related searches.’ See if you can use any of the related searches phrases for your blog title. Also, try to keep the title below or up to 60 characters and match the blog URL with the title by adding dashes between every word.

2. Do not forget to add the main image representing the blog content

Blog content

Getting a right image with the blog article can make a really big impression on the readers. Add at least one main picture in your article. Aside from the main image, you can add more pictures based on how many words you have used in writing the blog. When you add an image, mention the source of it. Also, add proper alt tags to each of them.

3. Write a smart Meta description

Meta description can be described as the small description of the webpage content that is displayed by search engines and social network sites under your blog post title. Lack of a proper Meta description means that the search engine will pick up the first few sentences of your blog article which might not make a very good impression on the online users. So write a short and effective Meta description for your blog post. The Meta description should be under 160 characters.

4. Make right use of popular keywords and their variations

popular keywords

Keywords are one of the most important factors in SEO. But, many times, the new bloggers make the mistake of using too many keywords in their article which results a poor user experience. To resolve this problem, instead of stuffing the article with too many keywords, write in your usual style and make sure that you add different variations of the main keywords in your article.

You can look for related searches terms in Google. It would be a lot more effective if you add keywords in the first sentence of the blog. If it doesn’t fit, you can add the keywords in the first or second paragraph.

5. Interlinking with other blog posts or articles

When you write a new blog post, you can add the links of your other posts within it, and it can help you increase the website traffic or page-views of other posts on your blog and reduce the bounce rate. You can add at least 1-2 links to your previous articles.

You might find it difficult to do it at first, but with each post, it will become easier to write more content and interlink them with other articles. It would also be better if those links opened in new tabs.

6. Preview the post

preview the post

Now once you have completed your blog article, before pushing the publish button do a preview test of the article and see how it looks on your blog. Check all the links you have added and check the images and formatting of the article.
Once it is done, press the publish button and get your article online for others to read and share.

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