Top Image Choices for Fashion Ecommerce Sites

12 Dec.2018


Fashion has become one of the most lucrative business ventures in the age of social media. In platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, thousands upon thousands of people have put up their own fashion businesses. It seems many people want in on the industry, and they do that by making and selling clothes online. And it’s working, as countless of these businesses have seen success.

But beyond the quality of their work, it’s also about how they market their business. These entrepreneurs understand that Fashion is all about imagery. The more captivating and spellbinding the image is, the more it’ll capture the attention of people within the industry.

If you’re seeking to get a foot in the door in fashion through your own e-commerce website, the images and graphics you use will hold tremendous weight. How people are going to perceive your brand and products, even without seeing the clothes themselves, rely heavily on how you present it to them. To guarantee success, here are some top graphics choices for fashion e-commerce websites.

Include a famous celebrity

As with any other advertising, a famous face is almost certain to get the views and the likes. Fortunately, since a lot of actors, singers, models, and more are constantly photographed nowadays, it won’t be that difficult to get an image of your chosen celebrity that fits your brand’s style.

Just because the A-lister isn’t wearing the actual clothes that you can’t use his/her picture. It’s all about setting the tone and creating the mood that your customers and clients are buying into.

Red carpet always works


If you do decide to use a celebrity photo as graphics for your website, or even on your social media page, it might be better to go for a red carpet snapshot. Here, they’re dressed in their best, posing for the camera, and the image has probably gone viral for quite some time. In these cases, the more elaborate the outfit of the celebrity, the better. You can even photoshop the image and cut-and-paste it to a new background for a more unique spin.

Something nostalgic in black and white

If your brand’s style is more classic and old-school, using a nostalgic image is a sure winner. Any decades-old fashion photograph or even just a candid shot from previous eras will pique people’s interest.

A big plus is that people in the olden days are better dressed, so for fashion’s sake, you have so many choices to go with. You can also choose photographs of well-known fashion icons and celebrities as well, which will further capture the attention of many potential customers.

Magazine editorials

Perhaps the best fashion imagery found on the internet are the ones take out of famous magazines. The likes of Vogue, Elle, GQ, and more often include elaborate editorials with the season’s latest fashions. The images found here can reflect your personal style, whether it’s streetwear, vintage, elegant, and more.

These snapshots are often impactful, sometimes even features a famous celebrity, but never without a touch of high-quality. And since the emergence of social media, it’s become the norm for many of these publications to upload their editorials for online versions of their issues, which makes it easier for you to choose an image for your website.

A nice lookbook

Sometimes, the clothes can speak for themselves. If you think your pieces are impactful and beautiful enough to capture the attention of customers without stunning visuals, then maybe a nice lookbook can do.

You can hire a model to wear the clothes and a photographer to take photos of him/her against a nice backdrop. Other times, the lookbook can be a mini version of an editorial itself, allowing the model to move about and have more expression in the series of photos.

Backstage fashion show photos


Fashion shows are often times what draw people into the business. Many love the stunning clothes worn by the beautiful models as they strut their stuff on the runway. Similarly, the snapshots photographers take of such shoes end up becoming some of the most viewed images of the season, especially if the runway moment was exceptionally elaborate.

But of course, you can’t use the runway snapshots as the clothes the models are wearing aren’t yours. However, you can still find backstage photos of the models on the internet. These candids can reflect the overall vibe of your brand and website, and if they fit your aesthetic, why not use as marketing tools?

Fashion capital landscapes

You don’t even need to conjure up images of clothes to market your fashion e-commerce website. Sometimes, a nice landscape will do. Certain cities int he world are known as the “fashion capitals.” It’s here that many great and exciting styles have originated and their clothes industries are just as important as other fields. Such cities include Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, and more.

If your style matches that of the famous fashions in these cities, then you can use their landscapes to further evoke their feel. It’s a common marketing tactic wherein, even though you’re not shoring the products themselves, you’re giving potential customers a sense of your signature style and aesthetic.

Don’t be afraid to go wild with your imaginations when marketing your fashion e-commerce business. As long as you credit the right sources to avoid copyright issues, you’re free to choose whatever graphics you want to better advertise your brand.

Author Bio:

Anthony Ong is a freelance fashion writer. He’s contributed to numerous sites, such as Pixel Papa, writing about how one can improve their online fashion businesses.

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