How to Learn Digital Marketing Online in 2022?

26 Jan.2022

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The decision to learn digital marketing will be the starting point of exponential growth in any individual career. Implementation of Digital marketing will open up immense opportunities to any firm. This is the only way to connect with potential Customers very fast.

A digital marketing professional delivers video content and social media posts which creates a very fast impact on end Customers. If you want to be part of the most exciting journey of becoming a digital marketing professional, this is the perfect place to start with.

What is digital marketing?

It is well-known fact that marketing is a way to connect with potential customers and influence them in a very appealing way. Digital marketing is the same but the connection with customers is through digital media. Digital media could be anything from video content to social media pages.

Search engine marketing, web & content marketing, social media advertisements are a few more examples of digital marketing. Communication media is subjective to the digital professional. The most innovative ones will grab the attention of customers.

By identifying and understanding potential clients, Innovative content can mark the ed through the website, branded assets, Video assets, infographics, reviews, and company photos. How to do this? What are the ways? What are current trending strategies etc are obvious questions which are explained below?

There are many strategies in the market right now. Some of the most used strategies are given below.

Where to learn digital marketing?

Where to learn digital marketing

There are many paths to learning digital marketing. Choosing the path depends on one’s background and capability. Some can learn through YouTube videos and some through online web pages. But the disadvantage with these platforms is the lack of monitoring. Expertise and skill will not be assessed in this way of learning.

But if an online digital marketing course is chosen, they are well structured and planned to fit the purpose. Fortunately, it is not required to go to school or a classroom to turn into a specialist, an online digital marketing course is good enough to become a digital marketing specialist.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is known that when a user wants to search for something, a very big list will be displayed which meets the search criteria. Then how can a firm ensure their result on the first page? That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

Digital media marketing professionals make sure to rank their content on 1st page. It takes some skills to get on the front page of Google with Search engine optimization than with paid search advertising, and also it needs huge effort and time.

As a beginner in this field, it is highly essential to know that search engine optimization is not a static process but changes all the time. Reports suggest that Google is changing its search algorithm almost 255 times each year.

That means if you need to become an expert in this field, you have to monitor the changes very frequently and adapt yourself to fit the requirement otherwise you will become obsolete.

Pay per Click

This is simply online marketing where the advertising company pays money for every click. These advertisements can be anywhere on the website. The user only has to click the ad. A preinstalled tool calculates each click and generates costs. For example Google Ads, Facebook Ads are types of Pay per click advertising called paid media advertising.

Learning PPC is not difficult and getting a certificate is also not difficult. The difficult part here is to gain practical experience. A highly skilled professional will combine the results of clicks with other channels like SEO and deliver the best outcome.

Paid Search Ads

This is most extensively used advertising to target potential customers who are actively searching for a product or service. Google or any other search engine allows you to run ads on their Search results Pages.

Please be aware that most of the users are searching on mobile devices rather than a computer. This is evident from various studies. Therefore all the ad campaigns should fit for mobile devices so that all those clicks and potential customers will not be missed. This is highly important.

Paid Media Ads

Google is not the only platform to pay for digital marketing ads. Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat aloe allow users to pay for digital media marketing. Through all these platforms awareness will be created about business, products, or services which will bring customers to the firm.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Just like Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing is also a free way to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to market the product or services digitally. The most important aspect of this type of marketing is that there are no costs. This method will be targeted at firms that work on a very tight budget. Therefore this is one of the best strategies that can be used without payment.

Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used networks on the planet with more than 5 billion users. There are many paid campaigns on Facebook and good thing is, Facebook provides online courses to learn these campaigns. After getting expertise in running social media campaigns on Facebook, skills can be enhanced easily about Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) improves the online user experience to increase the number of users who perform a desired action which is known as conversion. This is as simple as making the users click on a link and sign up for a newsletter.

It will then be the task of the firm to make the newsletter as enticing as possible to users. Firms generally use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to get calls, chats, and sales of their content from their existing website traffic and strive to increase those conversions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the next important digital marketing term. As the name suggests, content marketing uses content assets such as blogs, infographics, eBooks, animation, videos, etc to build brand awareness or clicks, also sales. By combining all these elements in the right way, a clear online marketing strategy will be developed for the business.

Inbound Marketing

It was already explained that skilled digital marketing professionals can combine various concepts with the best possible outcome. That is precisely what inbound marketing is about.

An inbound marketing manager will coordinate all the activities of other marketing campaigns to provide an appealing user experience. The overall goal is always the same. Attract new customers, engage them, gain their trust and satisfy them in every possible way.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest but still effective digital marketing strategy. This strategy will be used to notify offers, special deals, promote new content and also create awareness about the expansion of business.

An important aspect of this strategy is, people who are not very active in social media will be coved here. Therefore sometimes the same ad will be created on different platforms to reach every customer.

Data Analytics

In traditional marketing, it takes enormous time to collect the data most of the time it will be too late for the feedback to reach the firm. Although the product/ services are adapted based on user feedback, it will take even more time to reach the user and in fact, he might have lost interest by that time.

This drawback is no longer available in digital marketing since everything here is completely quantifiable. Digital marketing professionals will have control to decipher which of the digital marketing campaigns are gathering people’s attention. If all this information is interpreted properly, what to do next will be determined and improvements can be implemented.

Native Advertising

Whenever someone finds an interesting article, they get immersed in it and continue reading similar articles. This is because of the native advertising strategy adopted by various digital marketing professionals. In all those articles, a list of suggested articles will be placed at the bottom in a very attractive way.

This also comes under content marketing because it uses content to attract clicks. Sometimes a user will even lose track number of clicks he has done and the amount pent. That is the beauty of native advertising. Moreover, it is often difficult to identify because it is generally mixed with non-paid content recommendations.

Learning through YouTube or blogs:

Learning through YouTube or blogs

If you choose to learn through youtube or blogs some homework is required to create the curriculum. First of all, all the concepts need to be listed out. Sometimes there are similarities between concepts and sometimes one cannot learn a particular concept without learning the previous concept.

Therefore it is highly essential to determine the chronological order of study. Once everything is determined, it will be easy to gain knowledge one by one.

Many business experts share their insights of knowledge and case studies. Some of them even show how they approached the problem and the difficulties they went through. Knowing these details gets build-up, which could come in handy in the future by knowing these details. There are many newsletters for which you can sign up.

Concepts like SEO are basic principles of digital marketing that can be attained with practice, everything else comes after that. Self-assessing and creating dummy work or even freelancing for this topic makes you an expert.

By composing your articles, making them SEO optimized and having them published on the web, you can improve expertise. Note down all the keywords with the high search volume and bring them in the form of articles into the blog. This will rapidly increase traffic to any website.

Experts suggest that you should start with SEO:

Almost all the concepts used in PPC, content and social media marketing are based on Search engine optimization techniques. Since this is interlinked with other concepts, learning this concept will make other concepts easier.

Practice as many times as possible:

Certify your work which will showcase your skill and add advantages to your resume. Many websites provide a certificate. For example SEMrush
start working with experienced digital marketing professionals. By working with them all the theoretical knowledge will be converted into practical knowledge. You will also get good guidance and important tips.

Start your website:

Pup a topic and start writing your views on this topic. The topic can also be digital marketing. If you start writing this topic, you can also assess how good or bad you are at the topic. You can use all your learned techniques on your website and start exploring unknown territories. In this, you can witness improvement in skill.

Never stop what you are doing. Revise and revisit the learned topics:

This is a field that changes very fast. Never forget the quote “Update yourself or become obsolete” when you are in this field. All those social media firms and websites getting innovative and adapting themselves throwing challenges on digital media experts.


If you are passionate about digital marketing, you will have to put honest efforts into learning concepts, improving skills, get ambitious about this topic. A well-defined procedure and honest hard work can bring good results.

In any field, not just in digital marketing, execution requires significantly more time than understanding the concepts. Expertise improves with the amount of work done and time spent.

Although it is very easy to learn digital marketing through videos and blogs, we completely recommend enrolling in an institution because they are well trained to make you learn and they give valuable feedback and improvement suggestions.

Many firms are now searching for people who are highly skilled in making a 3 degree incorporated marketing plan and executing them with efficiency. All those firms out there are looking for professionals who can accomplish their targets.

In this competitive world, accomplishment is not enough, exceeding a target is required to turn yourself into a demanding professional.

Since there is huge demand and immense opportunities in this field. This is the right time to dig deeper and add this feature to your resume. Demand for digital marketing professionals increasing day by day. The recent Pandemic accelerated the opportunities and portrayed the significance of digital marketing professionals. This has become a trend now.

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