Improve SEO Rankings Through Link Building Resources

27 Sep.2020

Improve SEO Rankings Through Link Building Resources

For any marketer, SEO is an asset. It’s like purchasing a real estate and investing in modernizing your kitchen and bath. That work will amplify the value of your house so that you can sell it in the future for a significant profit. Utilizing SEO tips is nothing less than trying to beat the house in Vegas; the house always wins!

Dave Naylor nailed it by saying:

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.”

For a visionary and successful marketer, the aim should not only rank #1. The objective should be majorly inclined towards the lead and sales generation.

With changing times, Google updates have also remodelled the SEO strategy. Now, the new, improved SEO focuses on the pattern of people’s engagement with a particular brand, product or service, and the RoI. For in-house SEO strategies, keyword research has lost its prominence. The focus now primarily is on keyword intent and long-tail searches.

The new SEO is more focused on content from audience preferences and choices. So to say, the SEO strategy and content marketing are intermingled and integrated.

The link building in new SEO is now based on qualitatively building relationships. The better content creation and reaching out to the backlinks for outdated content of the competitors, the organic traffic is witnessing optimal enhancement.

The predominant role played in SEO is that of integration of content marketing in strategy progressively being adopted in the present context, globally.

What is Link Building?

What is Link Building

It is nothing but a process of getting your website linked to other websites to drive referral traffic. The backlinks enable the search engines to determine the rankings of the sites following the keywords used and is an indicator to Google about a particular site as being worthy of citation. The more the backlinks, the higher the site’s rank.

It is advisable that to optimize one’s site, and the link building must be done through earning links rather than buying or manipulating the links, for long-term business viability. It is a cumbersome process involving longer durations, but getting quality links enhances the rankings on SERP.

Why is it Important?

The Link building is the essential criteria for Google to consider a particular site for web page rankings if it is backed up by high-quality sites linked to its pages. The primary factor weighed by Google is the page linking authority or its popularity, which can be achieved through quality links only.

It can be summed up that for content to rank higher for targeted keywords, and the external websites must be linked to a site’s pages. A domain’s sitewide authority also determines a link’s quality.

Another critical factor is the link’s position on the page, and ideally, it should be placed in the main body of the webpage. The link also needs to be editorially placed; that is, it must be linked based on its quality features and is called editorially placed.

Link building strategies?

Several strategies can be adopted for link building by getting outside sites to link to a particular website and are discussed hereinbelow:

Content creation

The site-specific content needs to be high-quality, unique, and compelling to attract the attention of the users or the target audience. Secondly, the content needs to be spread across to promote the website and the business. The content must be visually vibrant with the inclusion of images, illustrations, etc. The content must also include original research and related data to attract more traffic.


The industry-specific influencers, such as content writers, bloggers and people having a high following on the social media, must be informed about a particular brand, product or service for broader publicity and must be encouraged for writing reviews.

Personal links

There is a need to encourage people and acquaintances from similar or niche trade practices to link their websites with one’s website for broader acceptability and recognition. The random linkages shall not reap the desired objectives.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

Once the process of keyword selection has been made, it needs to be implemented to the site’s content. There is a need for each page to target the core term and several related terms.

Title tags

The aggressive and manipulative keyword use needs to be avoided, but if need be, they can still be used. However, the same is not encouraged by Google. The title tag may ideally be between 55 & 60 characters, and some related modifiers must be added around that term or keyword.

Meta descriptions

It is a site’s additional ad copy that may not always be shown by Google.

Internal link building

The internal link building is the most convenient method to build page links for whom one is attempting to improve the search engine rankings.

A few factors that need to be considered for getting a webpage to rank are:

Anchor Text

If the texts or phrases different from the Anchor Text are used, the ranking advantage is lost sight.

To say that the essential thing in ranking a particular page that the search engines consider in expressing the content of a specific site is the actual or the anchor text used by the linking page.

Linking page quality

The quality of the page sending the link is another significant factor in giving a boost to the rankings, as the search engines only allow the links from high-quality and trusted pages, rather than unrelated or questionable sites or pages.

Link’s target page

It is better advised or proper not to link the site to the home page as it becomes difficult for the respective pages to optimize rankings due to their lack of link equity generation ability.

To own link pages from own content, it can easily be determined as to what kind of anchor text needs to be used in which particular page it needs to be pointed, and the enhanced content quality of the linking page can also be ensured.

Whereas, in the case of the elements as mentioned earlier, the possibilities of achieving control in getting other linking sites to achieve optimum results is beyond one’s control.

For achieving an unparalleled boost in rankings, one’s efforts need to be focused on internal link optimization, as quality inbound links having quality anchor texts assigned to appropriate pages, is ensured primarily at lower or no costs. On the other hand, external link building is also significant, but there is a factor of uncertainty that looms large.

Internal link building tips and tools

Internal link building tips and tools

Once getting to know about the effectiveness of the internal link building, the following easy steps can help in ensuring setting up of interlinking pages:

Keyword research

For having at one’s disposal several keywords that are relevant and popular, the keyword research tool needs to be utilized.


With the objective of the creation of an information architecture that is search-friendly, the keywords need to be grouped strategically.

Targeted anchor text

Finally, the content can be linked through keywords discovered, and in this way, the intelligent interlinking of the content can be achieved.

The concept of linking the appropriate pages with the targeted anchor text is essential. The right anchor text with the right pages results in optimization and can be effectively achieved through the following:

Site search

The site search can be achieved quickly and can be used for the following purposes:

New page linking

The pages on one’s site can be found for linking to a new page. When new content is created, similar keyword variants, having similar mention, can be searched in one’s site that needs to be linked to that page.

Finding a linked page

In case one needs to find a particular author text without knowing the page tile or its URL, the keywords can be typed into the site search for finding the corresponding page, or Google can be searched. It would return all the relevant pages indexed by Google containing the author’s text.

SEO link building wireframe creation

The easiest and simplest way is to map the keywords to be targeted to optimal logical pages. The nearly best-fit page containing that particular author text can be aligned with the author’s text.

Broken link building

The Dead Link Building or the Broken Link Building builds backlinks by replacing links with working links to the target website.

For this LinkMiner tool can be installed that instantly locates the broken links on a particular page (within Chrome Browser). Then, one needs to find pages having lots of outbound links, as the more links in a page increase the possibility of broken links.

Once the broken links are located, the entities running the pages may be intimated via an email about the broken link, and a replacement content can be pitched in return of adding the host link on their page.


It can quickly be concluded that the process of link building is here to say. It is a time-consuming effort and takes time to build, but patience counts. To achieve a higher ranking boost, it must be a long-term process and commitment.

For local link building, the links from nearby locations must be preferred. Most importantly, only high-quality links need to be given preference and relevance. One’s niche activities shall achieve greater rankings, gradually but surely.

High-quality guest post websites are also helpful to increase website ranking and traffic. You can find websites according to your niche and submit your articles. In addition, you can search queries to find guest post sites; for example, write for us Technology “write for us” marketing.

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