How to Choose Suitable Images for Posts in Social Media Marketing

9 Oct.2019

Social Media Marketing

One of the most important beneficial aspects of social media marketing is the ability to use multi-media content without limitation. Most people do not care much about texts and regard them as being boring. In contrast, multi-media content like pictures, videos, and animations are generally more attractive.

So, multi-media has a hidden entertaining feature that marketers can take advantage of. However, putting an image or video into your post carelessly will not boost it. You need to choose them meticulously if you want to add value to your content.


In this article, we will focus on images and explain how to select the best one for your posts.


The first important point about selecting images in social media marketing is the message it will broadcast. All content of your posts must be related to your company’s mission and images are not an exception.

Be sure that using a picture that fits well with your content will bring about a considerable engagement. Your pictures must convey the message of your products and encourage your audience to pay attention to it and finally buy it.

Actually, you should work on the enhancement of your brand and include them indirectly in your images. For example, if your restaurant has vegetarian meals, you should come up with the idea of health, environment, animal rights, or even saving the planet! Because these concepts will convey indirectly your message: “Please, eat our vegetables”. On the contrary, if you are advertising for a new product in an athletic diet, your pictures should talk about energy, protein, meat, etc.


Prosperous companies in social media marketing are those with a different idea each day. To encourage your audience to keep following your content, you should use creativity in your images.

Remember that the left side of the human’s brain is responsible for logic and the right side is about the emotion. You can use both aspects of the brain in your marketing to be creative enough to attract the attention of customers.

To use the left side of your users’ brains, you should include the facts and reasons substantiating the goodness of your product. For instance, as a vegetarian restaurant, use the pictures showing the detrimental effects of fatty dishes based on scientific evidence.


Also, an image of an innocent child aspiring for a toy will make parents buy the toy for their children. This is a right-side decision based on emotion.

Moreover, it has been proven that using colourful images will cause increased readership and consequently sales. You should determine a specific colour for your brand and repeat it in your images in different ways. Bear in mind that boring images cannot engage your readers and will act conversely. So, you have to be creative in terms of concept and colour.

If you cannot create pictures by yourself, you can use the internet. Try to use original pictures that can distinguish you from your competitors. Numerous websites offer free or sometimes low-cost images for your online marketing and blogging purposes. For instance, Pixabay and Shutterstock.


Many marketers may ask whether or not a name is necessary for a picture. We usually say: Yes. Considering especial names for images will cause a high quality leads to your content and grow your engagement.

You should be careful in selecting names for your images so that they are specific and related. For example, if you use the name “A healthy dish”, your message will be perfectly expressed. But if you write “A low-cost healthy vegetarian dish”, it is more likely to place your post among the first pages of search results for people looking for this kind of food.

Number of Posts

Although using images can make your profile beautiful, being a bothersome contact throwing pictures carelessly will damage your reputation. There isn’t any definite number for pictures, however, you can use a try and error procedure to get feedback from your audience. For instance, one update per day is a very sensible starting point.

Do not post constantly. Change the time of day for posting your images to obtain the perfect hours of days or even weeks. According to, the influencers who intend to sell their page at a lower price are the ones who cannot meticulously take care of their page regularly. Please bear in mind that you are not an exception if you do not follow this piece of advice.

Final Word

High quality, relevant images can increase your traffic, improve your engagement, and increase your comments and likes. Well-chosen images will help your followers better interact with the posts you are sharing with them. So, take advantage of this opportunity to expand the circle of your followers and consequently increase your customers.

Author Bio:

Tom Siani is an online marketing expert with up to 4 years of experience in this digital industry. He is also collaborating with some well-known brands in order to generate traffic, create sales funnel and increase online sales. He has written a considerable number of articles about marketing via social media, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.

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