How Effective Background Images Attract Users on Website

23 Mar.2022

How Effective Background Images Attract Users on Website

Background images are similar to the process of breathing and are an essential part of our daily lives. No one pays attention to them until something untoward happens. And just as every breath is vital, background images are also integral to the success and life of a website.

Have you ever paid attention to professional designs and successful websites? Several expert designers use black and gold backgrounds in their projects to attract the focus of users on their intended spot.

We all know that the primary objective of a business website is to attract as many users as possible. To achieve this, you need to design your website in such a way that it tempts visitors and makes them stick to it. One of the proven ways to keep your visitors aligned with your website is to integrate elegant and simple backgrounds.

Your website background image is not just something that serves the purpose of looking impressive. It actually affects the user experience and the value of your website. This is why people pay more attention to selecting the right image, you can use a plain, textured, floral, or simply black and gold background. Here’s a guide to help you choose the ideal website backgrounds to meet your needs.

What actually are website background images?

What actually are website background images

The pictures, colors, or designs that appear in the background of the screen of your website are known as website backgrounds. It also serves as the first impression that a visitor will get of your website or brand. This is the major reason why it is crucial to get a proper image.

The right background will tell your business story, whereas the improper one will not be able to express your message and ruin everything. The website background is similar to the special dress that you’d want to wear to a job interview or first date. You must not want to go for a casual, common style but will surely choose something more formal and exclusive.

Further, this simple and small area of your website has a lot more value than you think. Having a good website background isn’t enough. Just like on a first date, you’ll share your story, double-check the location and make sure the person you’re speaking with is listening with interest. In the same way, website backgrounds should provide a better user experience (UX) and must be able to attract your target audience.

What are the benefits of using background images on your website?

1. Visually alluring and engaging website

To make a website visually appealing, it is essential to incorporate high-definition and captivating images. If you use these images at the top of the webpage it can really have a great impact. The image used as a banner is large in size and if used high-quality image, it can draw the attention of people to the next level.

Using background images on the top of the homepage of your website is a clever strategy to invite visitors to check other web pages. Remember that all your competitors are trying their best to keep their customers engaged. You can win the game by using a visually appealing and compelling background image.

2. Highlight your message

We usually write a lot of content to convey our thoughts and messages. But another effective way to express your message without using many words is to use a relevant image. You should use an image at the top of the index page of your website that expresses everything about your website without the need of reading the content.

The message should be delivered to visitors through the objects, people, and other things present in the image. Always use formal and high-definition images to deliver your message effectively.

3. Represent your business

Just a quick glance at the website background image should be enough for users to understand what your business is all about. So, if you sell women’s clothes, a background image with a focus on women wearing beautiful dresses can highlight your business products.

Choose background images and keep the focus of users on products or services that you’re offering. Using irrelevant images can let your customers move away and will cause you a huge loss.

You need not write many words on the image about what you offer. As you have the opportunity to elaborate your services/products and about the company in the content.

4. Makes navigation attractive

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the large background image on your webpage is that it may be used to emphasize key text about your company. With the use of meaningful colors, professional or other joyful people’s gestures, expressions, and activities, a few headlines printed on the picture produce a memorable impression.

Placing text on a large image is a good way to attract the visitor’s attention while also saying something interesting. There are numerous methods for writing a text on an image. For example, the phrases should be in a distinct color that contrasts with the image’s hues.

5. Create a lasting impact on users

Some web designers make good use of background images by including navigation buttons on them. Visitors are drawn to this one-of-a-kind navigation method. While the image has conveyed the corporate message, it also allows for exploration of the site’s other important sections. Designers can avoid using traditional methods for developing navigational buttons.


There are several sources available online such as DealFuel that can help you get highly professional, high-quality, and a wide range of background images. Most people use black and gold backgrounds on their websites as these colors help in attracting more users and in turn increase brand awareness.

Choose images according to your project and the one that defines your business and whatever you’re offering. So, get ready to explore the world of highly effective background images and use them effectively to improve your brand reputation in the market.

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