Online Reviews Help the SEO of Your Website for These 4 Reasons

7 Nov.2018


There are many points in favour of online reviews and one of them is that it improves the SEO of your page.

In this article, we will reveal all they can do for you and all the opportunities you are missing if you don’t have a customer review system on your website.

How do customer reviews help the SEO of my website?

1. Unique and updated content

Firstly, the opinions of clients are an inexhaustible source of unique content that is constantly updated. Live and unique content, two concepts that Google loves and which will make you rank higher than other websites. Maintaining an internal blog and publishing entries of interest is very useful and advisable to improve the positioning of your page, as well as to work on the descriptions of the products we offer through our website.

Although if we stop here we will not be differentiating much from what more and more people (if not almost all) are putting into practice. Customer opinions are the cheapest marketing tool. Your clients will write for free, so forget about spending money on content generators, writers, editors and SEO strategists.

2. Increase online reputation

In a recent study by BrightLocal, 93% of respondents answered that online reviews had helped them to decide on a purchase and to assess whether that business is trustworthy or not (BrightLocal, 2017).

Without quality online opinions in e-commerce, it is practically impossible to face repercussions on the internet, when building a powerful brand and a prosperous business. Unless you are Marks & Spencer Group, you can only benefit from customer reviews. Of course, a smart approach is to integrate this online review service into your online store.

Focus first on them and then on the rest of the online marketing efforts. Consumers value the opinions of other customers much more than any descriptions about the products made by the Company.

In fact, according to a survey of US mom Internet users, customer reviews are 12 times more significant than descriptions that come from manufacturers because they are testimonies of real experiences. (eMarketer, February 2010)

There are many ways to maximize exposure. One can be through review sites. For instance, if you are looking to be seen for tech deals, first do a search on Google for tech deals. Next step is to list your product via a review on those directories that appear.

3. Increase the percentage of clicks

When someone is looking for a product or service on the internet, they want to solve their inquiries as fast and simply as possible.

Therefore, have your customers’ evaluations with review stars (Rich Snippets) appear on your product page. Proven to work, they will increase the number of clicks considerably. Why? Because they will find accurate representations of the product in the form of answers to their questions (without the need for customer service), real customer opinions and maybe even pictures.

Look at the following image and decide which one of these products would you click to open?

Increase the percentage of clicks

The products are the same and the prices are similar, but only one includes reviews, in this case, 200 of them. If someone is interested in knowing more about the product or is just trying to find the best deal, the review section is a great place. Interested potential customers will visit those with them first.

In review sections often there is information that might be important to customers or just held back product details, that the manufacturer didn’t share or think was important. Ultimately, the online customer is unable to inspect the product first hand nor do they have service personnel to ask.

4. Client reviews are not considered by Google as duplicated content

You may think that if a single opinion from a client that has bought different products, appears in each of them, you can be penalized by Google for duplicating content. But you can stay calm, that is not so. Every product review gets mixed with others every time your clients share their experiences. Therefore each product in your store will have different comments relations than the other products.

Get good visibility by leveraging the power of these opinions in desire campaigns, in social networks and PPC campaigns. Increase online reputation while you continue working to offer a good product and online service.

You can try using a client review collector such as revi to let your customers do some of the selling for you. Customers have more power than ever in the success or failure of online marketing. It is better to have them on your side.

Now you know that it is not necessary to do a significant marketing investment to attract more customers to your site. Whether if you have an online or an offline store you can take advantage of your shoppers’ power on the internet. Implement an online reviews system and let your clients do the selling for you.

Author Bio:

Lina Pedelini

As a Social Communicator and Digital Marketing specialist, Lina is responsible for content creation and introducing to the UK market and help businesses harness the power of client reviews to drastically increase sales.

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