What Are the Musts for Becoming a Beauty Blogger?

23 May.2022

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If you ask any beauty blogger, they will tell you it is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes there are quite a few highs, but if you continue to be on a high and think it will continue, you’re dead mistaken. Unfortunately, the beauty blogging world doesn’t take time to bring a blogger down.

But one thing is for sure the journey is worth the highs and lows, and many successful bloggers will tell you they won’t trade the lows for highs because it teaches them. So, if you are thinking of becoming a beauty blogger, you need to know the musts of being a beauty blogger.

In this article, we will tell you what you must do to become a successful beauty blogger and some tips on the don’ts to minimize your lows while enjoying more highs.

The must-dos for becoming a beauty blogger

Before you start your blogging, remember you have to create something new and unique that will help you to stand out in the crowd. Although we have realized that bloggers’ success depends on many things over the years, one key area is the content. Remember, content is the king, and not only do you need to write something unique that has style but also your signature.

With the content comes the magic of a photo, so if you write something very basic, remember to spruce it up with the image and keep the latest trend in mind. You have to keep reinventing your content and style to stay relevant in the beauty industry and be successful.

So, here are some of the must-dos for having a successful career as a beauty blogger.

Blogging what you love

Blogging what you love

Just because something is in trend doesn’t mean you have to mold your style and signature into it. If you want to create a blog that is in trend, you have to use it to your advantage and develop it to the things that you love to talk about the topic.

Blogging is not only about what you think the audience wants to hear; it is also about the ideas and conversation that you want to have with your audience. As a blogger, you need to create and uplift your audience instead of rolling with them. For instance, there wouldn’t be an Apple iPod if Steve Jobs didn’t anticipate what and how to elevate the audience’s needs in the market.

So, don’t just write about organic high-end skincare products because it is a trend. Instead, if you are passionate about pharmacy bought affordable skincare products, write about it. Remember, a blog should be an extension of you and not a chore.

Offering something different

Every month you will find hundreds of blogs and vlogs about unboxing. It is pretty standard that the information you get is relatively uninformative. Photos of the box and the products and the description of the items are pasted on the blog. If you are thinking of having an unboxing blog, you have to think outside the box and not jump the bandwagon immediately after the product is launched.

Many bloggers believe that if they don’t unbox as soon as it is launched, its novelty is gone. False. Instead, take photos as you unbox the products, keep a journal for a month while using the products and then write about it. You are better positioned to review the box in detail while showing them pictures of unboxing and other aspects of the product.

You must have the right platform

You must have the right platform

The chances are you will be choosing between WordPress and Blogger. But, before you take the plunge, analyze the pros and cons of these two and other blogging platforms. Don’t be shy to ask other bloggers about their preferences and why.

It will help you to select the right platform. Also, you are naming your blog site, just don’t think you have to be unique. While that is a criterion, it should also have a name that reflects you, easy to remember for the audience and be a pithy one.

Be honest & professional

Not every product you write about you may be in love with. Remember to write like an audience. Would you enjoy a blog that only has good pointers about everything they choose to write about? The answer is no; you want the give your audience an honest opinion about beauty products.

Don’t be that blogger who posts the best eyeshadow in the world and the following week, the holy grail of eyeshadow for another product. If both are good, state that, but if they are not, then write that too.

Also, if a company provides you with products and you don’t want to give an honest opinion on the blog, tell the company why you won’t post about them. It is being professional. Moreover, professionalism also reflects how you interact with your audience. If someone comments or sends an email, always reply on time.

Post consistently

When you think of becoming a beauty blogger, remember you have to post regularly and consistently. When you start, you can schedule your posts twice a week. In such a scenario, keep a few blogs as a backup so you do not miss posting them for reasons you cannot finish writing. Regular posting helps you to receive a higher ranking over time on search engines.

Remember to use social media

Remember to use social media

Last but not least, you need to drive people to your blog, and the best way to do it is by engaging people from the beauty industry on medial social channels. While retweeting and sharing the other bloggers’ posts and following them back, you can improve the chance to collaborate with them.

Also, use the platform to keep your audience interested in your blogs by regularly posting something unique and special; for instance, post pictures of you under MOFD (Makeup of the Day) or MOW (Makeup of the Weekend).

While these are the must-dos of becoming a successful beauty blogger, there are some don’ts too.

Here is a list:

  • Don’t write anything to fill the space when you have nothing to say.
  • Always be open to new things and never stop learning because the beauty industry is evolving.
  • Don’t avoid competition by staying away from other beauty bloggers.
  • Keep a few things to yourself, like the name of your friends and family. personal contact details, and personal email id.
  • Don’t post random and unworthy photos to fill up spaces.
  • Don’t forget to spell check and grammatical errors before posting.
  • Avoid jargons.
  • Don’t expect to make money from your blogging overnight.

Final words

If you follow these must-dos and keep the don’ts to the minimum, you are on the path to success. Once you find your footing as a beauty blogger, why not think of becoming a beauty influencer. Contact Afluencer to start your journey as a beauty influencer. It is one place where new and coveted beauty brands search for new influencers for their brands. Afluencer puts you across those brands with ease.

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