10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Dropshipping Store

6 Jun.2018

10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Dropshipping is a modern-day method for fulfilling retail sales where the seller does not keep its product offerings in stock. What happens is that for every order, the dropshipper will purchase from a supplier and have it directly shipped to the buyer. With this, the dropshipper will not see the product he is selling.

If you are engaged in dropshipping, or if you are thinking of starting now, it is a good idea to consider reaching out to a larger pool of prospective clients. Social networking sites, especially Twitter, is an excellent platform to do so.

To help you get more Twitter followers for your dropshipping store, here are ten tips from us:

Optimize your Twitter Bio

Twitter allows users to search keywords for conversations so they can follow. It is therefore essential that you integrate strategic keywords in your Twitter Bio so that interested parties can find you when they search. Use keywords that will enable Twitter users to find you and your business easily.

Twitter bio

Tap People Interested in Your Niche

It is a good idea to reach out to people who are interested in your niche. So find those who are talking about specific products you are selling.

Tag people in your niche

Tools such as HootSuite and Tweetdeck can help you find conversations talking about the keywords you set so that you may be able to reach out to them and introduce your store. These tools save you from having to manually search each time because they auto-update.

Link your Twitter Account to your Website

Adding a Twitter badge on your website is a good idea to drive traffic to your Twitter account. This helps you reach out to customers who already showed interest in your business, and would like to keep in touch. Meanwhile, it also allows you to tap the network of those who follow you.

Maximize this by using Twitter’s official Share Button where your Twitter Handle can be added when people share your tweets.

Link twitter to your website

Take a look how Red Stag, an e-commerce fulfilment company added social media functions on top of their posts to make sure that their blogs are easy to share.

Link your Twitter in Your Newsletter

A lot of businesses make use of newsletters sent via email as it is still deemed effective. If you do so, it is also an excellent platform where you can place a link to your twitter profile. This helps you tap people in your mailing list so that they may be included in marketing campaigns you will do on Twitter, too. It is therefore great if you can capture the email addresses of your customers so that you may add them to your subscriber’s list, and then to your Twitter followers.

Link twitter to your newsletter

Include Twitter as a Contact Option

Traditionally, contact information only refers to the mailing address, landline, mobile, fax, and email address. Nowadays, it is also advisable to include other platforms that enable communication such as social networking sites, especially Twitter.

Contact option

Your customers do have the ability to reach out to you through Twitter so it shouldn’t be a problem. What you should consider is that you should maintain the management of your social media accounts so that you can deal with inquiries and other concerns made through these platforms.

Provide Incentives for your Twitter followers

Reward your Twitter followers so that they feel good about following you and that they are also encouraged to invite their friends to follow you too.  You can offer discounts to those who follow you. Do this by coming up with an ad on your website that invites them to follow you in exchange for a reward.

Run Twitter Contests

Another thing you can do is come up with some Twitter contests in exchange for a reward. In exchange, you will be able to have engaged followers, and that you get a chance to tap their network as well. Just be careful about what you promised a prize because your users will really hold you to your promise.

twitter contests

Make Use of Twitter Ads

Twitter advertisements can help give you a boost on followers. With Twitter ads, you can target specific audiences so that you can reach out to your target market, inviting them to follow your profile.

If you do this, make sure that your Twitter bio is updated because those you invite are sure to scrutinize your bio a bit before following. Make sure that your bio is inviting enough to be followed.

Get Help from Your Employees

If you have a couple of people in your business, it’s a good idea to ask them to tap their own network and promote your business’ Twitter profile. This will help you increase your reach by a wide margin. If they can also regularly share your Tweets, that would also be very helpful.

It would also be great if your employees will add your business’ Twitter handle on their bio in order to maximize the number of ways their followers can get directed to your business’ profile.

Tap Influencers

Another strategy that you may want to use is tapping influencers – people with huge numbers of followers. Inviting influencers to promote your business helps you tap into their followers so that they may follow you too.

Tap influencers


This is a strategy that is used by a lot of businesses because it really works. It’s similar to using celebrities to promote brands. What’s really different is that there’s a lot of different reasons why some people rise to be social media influencers. Find influencers who can best represent your business to your target market. Do this right, and you’ll be able to grow your followers in a breeze.


The Bottom Line

Twitter is one platform that you should tap to help increase awareness of your dropshipping business. To help maximize your Twitter campaign’s effectiveness, you will need to improve the number of followers that you have.

The tips above are some effective ways that you should do in order to get more followers for your business’ Twitter profile, helping you come up with Twitter marketing campaigns that will work in your favour. So implement these tips now and see your followers grow in no time at all.

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