How Spammy Backlinks Can Affect Your Search Engine Rankings?

30 Jan.2019

Spammy Backlinks Affect Search Engine Rankings

Backlinks are considered as the backbone of your website reputation and they are just as important as other SEO factors including the most imperative UX design. But when it comes to the spammy bad links, I personally found two different opinions from the experts, SEO experts say that the spammy bad links are bad and they kill your website ranking thus they should be avoided to handle in the link building strategies.

On the other hand, Google’s John Mueller talking to search engine journal in September 2018 says that there nothing to worry about the spammy backlinks, they are the normal part of a website, but the concerned thing is when someone is there to buy backlinks for their website.

We will consider both opinions that how bad links are actually bad for your rankings, first have a look at the SEO experts’ opinion, then will move on John Mueller’s statement to see what Google says about the spammy links.

Spammy backlinks and Google rankings

It is important to avoid the spammy bad links because when it comes to your link building strategies, you must consider that Google evaluates all the link sources on your website, especially those coming or going outside the website. Google also measures the website authority and its ranking on the search engine from where the backlink is coming, the backlink source sites.

There can be a really damaging effect of these spammy links as if the source sites were on Google’s hit list, it can penalize your website as well. The minimum penalty can be dropped rankings, Google’s Panda 4.0 confirms that the spammy backlinks can surely damage your reputation on the SERPs as the good links will indeed give your rankings a boost too.

Quality of a backlink plays a vital role in search position score and this why it is important to deal with the bad spammy links hard handed to protect your search position from dropping on the SERPs. Normally the spammy bad links are those which are coming to your website and on the bases of their own reputation on the search engine, these links can easily lower your website’s ability to rank higher on the search engine.

All the good SEO work done in the can be destroyed by even a single spammy link.

Spammy backlinks and Google rankings

Google’s main purpose behind these measures is to boost the user experience with the help of good work only rather than using the spammy techniques. These measures decrease the chances of user’s exposure to bad websites experience through these websites which have low-grade links.

This clearly means that any link that Google’s search algorithms consider as of no value links, they would definitely decrease the chance of increased traffic or ranking in the beneficiary website, which is yours. In case of serious spammy linking, Google can apply penalties on your website, can remove the website from the search engine, depending on how many bad links are there.

How does your website become a victim of spammy backlinking?

Normally, the spammy backlinks are the result of bad SEO business and start building up when businesses trying to have fast money by promising their customers higher rankings in a few weeks or even in a brief period. The website owners who know less about the SEO and Google usually buy SEO bundles for their website rankings but this comes at very high cost to your business even it looks competitive to you.

If someone says you can be on the top 10 results in only 1 week if you work with him, I can safely bet that you are deliberately increasing the chance of getting spammy links and going to call big boss’s scrutiny system to hit you below the belt, the big boss has a special task force to do all these acts, this taskforce called Web Spam Team.

The SEO businesses who offer you higher search positions in very short time, and haven’t show you any detailed SEO strategy, they more likely to induce spammy practices to your website including the link building with spam links. If this happens to you, you better find the solutions here.

Not using any SEO business, still have spam backlinks, where they came from then?


This is not a big concerning the point at all, as occasionally, the spammy backlinks created because of the spamming activities on your website or even if the spammers have used your email in the past. This is something happens when hackers access your website. They can easily add bad spammy links to your website to enhance other websites for which they have been paid a massive amount of money.

If you are a victim of this kind of spammy activities, Google can put a manual penalty on you. Whatever the reasons are there, spammy backlinks are bad for your website and this is agreed by the majority of the webmasters. But there is another source who thinks differently and has a direct connection with the big boss. Let’s have a look how he answer’s to a question about spammy links.

Google advises about spammy backlinks

In a discussion with Google’s John Mueller a few months back, he answered to a topic of spammy backlinks are concerning for the ranking if the website? John Mueller reassured that the generally there is nothing to worry about this but then he made a table-turning a statement that the exception is when someone is there to buy these links.

The guy asked that his website has thousands of backlinks and he heard from Mueller that the spammy websites would be penalized by Google, what should he do about his websites? Igone them as they don’t know anything about it? Or they need to do something?

Mueller’s answer was very calculated that of the most part if the owner is aware of the spammy links were used on the website as a regular activity in the past, and it has been done by someone regularly regarding links, then there is no way out.

If a website has been around for decades, then there would be all crazy things available on the website. These are the things we see all the time on the web.

In the past, it was a common practice and spammy links can be found on even the most successful websites. Recently, a case was seen about such kind of activity on the website of one of our potential client, he asked about the spammy links. In his scenario, a spammer was putting up millions of web pages using the different brand names and his target was to get ranking on long tail keywords. And infecting the traffic on another website.

This was actually the real example of what Mueller said that every successful website has these issues. He said it is a normal part of the web. Google is looking into it all the time.

Spammy links are normal?

According to the research and also induced by the big boss, the spammy links are normal activity on the web and if you are concerned about it, perhaps on-page SEO would be a more useful practice to save these spammy links.

Understand why your page is not ranking, what is lacking in the page, analyse and take corrective measures and you are done. Spammy backlinks are not good for your reputation, Google thinks the same.

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