10 Tips to Skyrocket Ecommerce Conversions on Your Site

1 Jul.2018

Ecommerce conversion

Owning an online e-commerce store in such a competitive world of e-commerce is a difficult task. Marketing in e-commerce industry means a lot of competition ahead. It is an obvious thing that you might not be willing to compete with the e-commerce giants like Amazon or Alibaba.

Your competitors may include various other niche e-commerce stores that sell products similar to your store. Having an out of the box marketing strategy is something majorly required to stand out of the competition.

Let us first discuss what e-commerce marketing and e-commerce marketing strategy?

The process of attracting prospective customers to your e-commerce store is something that can be said as an extraordinary e-commerce marketing. The strategies used for the same purpose are known as e-commerce marketing strategy. The steps that are being implemented to convert your customers and drive sales to your e-commerce market are the major part of e-commerce marketing strategy.

Below article will bring you certain tips to let you skyrocket your e-commerce site conversions. Read out the entire one today!

Create a Clear Proposition

When a buyer visits your website, it should not be difficult for him to find the product he is looking for. Especially in the e-commerce store, you can manage to have clear text with various colourful images. There shouldn’t be any difficulty in finding what you are selling.

A website with highly integrated images can help the customer find out whatever he is looking for. Your selling point must be clearly defined by the design of the online store. From the home page itself, create a clear proposition regarding your business goals.

Less Text, More Graphics

Graphics play a very important role in attracting the visitors and hence converting them into customers. Especially, in an eCommerce website, when customers solely depend on the way the products appear. The images play a vital role in the decision making of the customers. Therefore, more prominent the pictures, higher the store become enticing for your customers resulting in the sales growth of the store.


Whenever your store gets a visitor for the first time, the visitor may rely on the reviews or the testimonials of the customers. Make use of testimonials to gain new customers and make them permanent ones. It also helps you create the reputation of your brand in the minds of the target audience.

Email Marketing will surely help

Email marketing may sound like a traditional form of marketing, but it is one of the best forms of digital marketing. The leads received through email marketing are most of the time strong ones. There are a huge variety of automated tools available for email marketing and the tracking process of the campaigns. Automating the email marketing campaign gets your marketing task done up to 50%. You can also add thank-you pages and automate social media posts to effortlessly create the mailing campaign.

Minimize Design Friction Points

Too many designs or too many texts, never mix up anything. A proper amount of information must be added in a proper format to make the website look decent and user-friendly. Design friction point is something that makes the visitor confused and can increase the bounce rate on your online store.

Too much useless text or hard to read text can keep the visitor from signing up on your store. Even when the website contains too many calls to actions, the visitor may get irritated to act and leave the online store early.

Create Engagement with Promos

Shopping is something that becomes exciting when there is some discount. When owning an e-commerce website, you must try to catch their attention by offering some of the other kind of promo code along with the discount.

There are various ways through which you can offer discounts to the customer without disturbing your profit growth. Make use of exclusive promotional offers and offer free shipping on overstocked items. It can create an incentive for your customers.

Make the Navigation Easy

At the time of shopping, people like to look for all the options available. And when this search process is easier, the e-commerce store becomes easy to navigate. Easy navigation leads to more engagement time of the visitors. For better sales, an e-commerce store owner must make sure that the site is easy to navigate. Every page and its sections should be clear so that the visitors can know what they can get on the online store.

One of the most important tips is to keep the major navigating elements in one place. When kept all together, it becomes quick to find.

Avoid Slow Loading Pages

Slow landing pages are the biggest hurdles in converting your visitors into customers. So always avoid slow landing pages on your e-commerce store. Visitors will quickly move away from your site if the pages load very slowly.

In this competitive world, getting the traffic reduced because of the slow speed can be the worst experience.

Offer Unique Product Descriptions

Product descriptions should be exclusively unique to get your customer to stay on your website. The quickest way to get the sale done is to offer bland and clear descriptions of the products in your online store.

The way you describe your product majorly represents your entire collection. Henceforth, it is necessary to have unique and engaging product descriptions.

Implement a Loyalty Program

Once you begin getting customers, implement loyalty program on your store and let your customers coming back to the store. The remarketing category will make a huge impact on those data received from the loyalty program.

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