Top 6 Ecommerce Strategies for B2B Businesses

7 Aug.2018

Enhanced B2B Commerce

The emerging e-commerce solutions have improved the B2B Commerce strategy largely. With more traders, buying the products from online marketing platforms, it has provided much hype to the e-commerce selling. The Forrester survey states that the B2B market will be twice the B2C market by the year 2020 with an estimated revenue of 1 trillion US Dollars.

The B2B Commerce strategy involves the following scenarios.

  • The sales are made to various decision makers with varying needs for their companies. So, the suppliers have to abide by buyers’ specifications.
  • The product needs to be customized according to the requirements of different business customers.
  • Understanding the budgetary requirements of the business houses is foremost important. Moreover, the inclusion of the necessary information will entice the buyers towards the product.

Six enhanced priorities of B2B e-Commerce strategy

The marketers must get their websites designed on great open-source platforms like Magento to provide a seamless experience to the business buyers. The organizations can contact the professionals from the Magento development company for designing optimized sites. Here is an insight into the priorities required in B2B e-commerce strategies.

1. Create valuable content with greater ROI

The attracted content has more user-engagement rather than a lengthy and boring content. The B2B Marketers understands this scenario and are generating crisp and productive descriptions or blogs. Nearly, 90% of the B2B marketers believe that the content must be consumer-oriented that will generate more traffic on their web page. Even the site should be easily navigable and designed on platforms like Magento for good outreach.

For this, the marketers must take the experienced Magento development services from top service providers. The B2B marketers must follow the strategy of developing quality and well-written content as it will prove the greatest harbinger for improving the business profits manifold and increasing the ROI.

2. Build a stronger brand name

More than 39% of the sales are driven based on the popular brands according to the reports cited by the market reports. Most of the business buyers seek for the quality products from the branded stores or industries that can sell them the product within their budgets. Even the credibility can be checked through the customer reviews on the B2B marketer website.

Moreover, an amazingly designed website also plays a key role in attracting the buyers. One can take the Magento development services from the reputed company. With an established brand, the trust upon the buyers will get strong and marketers will gain stability on the market. As branding is an important factor in an E-commerce strategy, so B2B marketers have now turned towards it.

3. Flawless mobile experience for the buyers

The B2B Marketers have also made mobile marketing as their top priority because a survey revealed that 80% of the B2B marketers would be spending more on the E-commerce operations in 2018. The sales representatives can instantly connect with the mobile consumers rather than the buyers through long E-Mail processes or detailing. The mobile strategy is made a priority because:

  • To ensure hassle-free mobile user experience to the customers the B2B marketers must possess the agile and workable website for Smartphones, iPhones, and Tablets. The marketers can take the services from the software-development company for designing productive sites.
  • Provide first-hand user experience to check the order status or for placing the order with the B2B Marketers or producers.
  • Get a mobile app for your business where business buyers can instantly get in touch with sales representatives and ask about the particular products and its features.
  • Show the leveraging upsell options to the buyers who have done purchases in the past for the particular products and helping them with the new product offers.

4. Support the automation process

The fast-changing market makes the B2B marketers adopt the automated and integrated model to process the customer order in a fast manner. If your B2B market is still dependent upon the manual processes than it’s the high-time when a change is necessary. The automation process will also help in curbing the unnecessary operational cost, using the online solution providers for easing out the complex structure, and much more.

Even the product information and availability of inventory in the warehouses must be integrated in the real-time. This will help the staff to keep abreast with the available products and to place orders for particular products. If the customers enjoy great buying experience, then automatically sales will get a boost.

5. Carry out better interactions with the buyers/customers

The B2B marketers are now concentrating upon the “interaction” process on the product market. Here the dealers can choose to deal with the marketers who sell the products according to their industrial needs. The use of newer technology will help in improving the sales process that will ultimately help to the growth of the B2B marketers.

Even the healthy interactions with the buyers can boost the winning rate by nearly 40% in the market. The survey carried out in the B2B markets states that the consumer experience is much more important than the product features and price of the product. As business buying is entirely different from B2C buying, so the marketers need to sell those products that deem essential for the buyer’s industry.

6. Build up basics for stronger sales

The B2B Marketers must work upon the business basics before going deep into the marketing strategies. The only workable basic is to make your products recognizable to the buyers so that they can know about the significant features of your products. For this, the digital presence for reaching out on the global platform is paramount.

The buyer-centric product catalogue will help you to reach out to the business buyers fast. The marketers must concentrate on the pointers that will help to make the customer selling experience instant, convenient, personalized, and in the way, the E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, etc. make the selling of their products.


To sum up, the B2B market has undergone a huge change in the recent past, and marketers are following the automated and digital platforms to reach out to the business consumers. The B2B marketers that develop and follow the right e-commerce strategy will surely make a path to their success in the business market and earn a greater return on their investments.

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