Web Design Industry Trends to Expect in 2022

23 Nov.2021

Web Design Trends 2022

Technology changes very fast nowadays. Due to the pandemic, many people have started creating websites and changing their business model in order to cope up with the situation.

Web design trends are getting updated every day. Everyone business is working on a better UI/UX, Secured websites, user-friendly, and fast-loading websites.

But some companies are researching and bringing unique ideas to grow in their particular market. Because people want something different always. The customers are looking for something unique than thinking about the price range first.

So, let’s check out the Web design industry trends to be expected in 2022.

Dark mode

Dark mode on laptop screen

This is a new trend that got very popular in IOS devices and social media, most of the customers are very interested in dark themes. Even google chrome has been optimized for dark mode. Some people use dark mode because it minimizes the eye strain for the users.

This is a great opportunity for the web designers to concentrate in the coming year, the websites can be also optimized according to the user’s wish.

You can be able to add an icon to the website to make the users select according to their preference. Dark mode can also give an extra contrast to your webpage, which will be useful to create attractive designs.

Optimization of voice search

This technology was most suitable for mobile users. The voice search has been increasing rapidly in some countries. Most people use voice search than typing in the search engine.

The systems like Alexa, Siri, and Google devices are developed in answering short words and long-tail words. These systems search exactly according to the words spoken.

For example- If the words are short like “Restaurants near me’ the system would show a lot of options. But if it is a long-tail keyword like “Best Italian food restaurant in baker street’’ it would show only limited restaurants.

The restaurant that has the specific keyword will appear first then the other restaurants. So the content on the website should be clear and to the point to the voice search to identify you.

Suitable content

Writing content

The websites consist of information, images, and much more. A user enters your website to get extra information about the product or purchase the product. A higher number of conversions takes place when the products are in their particular geographical location.

For example- The user is looking for a DVD player in the USA in Colorado and if there are two options that he can purchase. One DVD player is in Kansas and the other in Virginia. The user tends to choose a nearby one which is Kansas.

Promoting the local region products first would increase the number of conversions than showing the other regions. The other factor that should be considered is the language, we can identify that sometimes google gives us the option to translate but it doesn’t allow every website to be changed.

If the website is released, it will be accessible worldwide. If the website content is typed in Chinese and if a person who doesn’t know Chinese logins and checks the website. The chance of getting conversion is very low. So make sure that the website should be optimized for the customers to choose the language they want.

Faster website and local SEO

Website loading is a greater issue now. People are getting busy, and they want everything to be done quickly. So, they are not ready to wait for your web design to load and purchase the product.

If your website was loading around 10 to 15 seconds, it’s fine but recent studies that the website should load in 3 to 5 seconds. Most of the business doesn’t make this a big issue, sometimes they don’t identify that the website is slow.

What if tell you that a user won’t stay 5 more than seconds to wait for your page to load? Yes, the customers are not ready to make a purchase even if the website is slow. Web designers make sure that images and content are optimized. You could add some plugins to increase the website speed.

Most of the website is recognized in the local economy first then it will eventually grow from the SEO we do. Local SEO is a very important aspect of the website. Words likes ‘’near me’’ and ‘’in the UK” are important when a user searches in a search engine.

Virtual reality and 3D

Virtual reality and 3D

These are very hard to be done because this involves a lot of back-end work to be done. But it gives a unique customer experience. For example- Just think you run an architecture firm and your portfolio mostly includes the design of the house, price, and other information.

Have ever thought? If you can give the customer a whole experience on the house, you made. This is where Virtual reality and 3D come into action.

You can create a 3D design of the house you built with a professional and attach this to your website portfolio. Additionally, the customer can have a whole 360 view of the house and they can enter the house to check how it is made.

This gives them a different experience and they know how the design of the house looks inside too. Which would help the business to convince the customer easily.

Thumb-friendly mobile design and accessibility

As we know that mobile device users are increasing, and it is becoming important than the desktop. The website needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly with needed information.

It is becoming essential that it needs to be thumb-friendly. The key is that with one finger the user should be able to navigate everything they need.

There is a huge number of people around the globe. Some people have the availability of accessing the internet and some do not. But most of the companies are trying to make their website to access disabled people too.

You might think about how it is done, the few ways that the company is trying to adapt is by adding videos explaining the product with a hand-sign demonstration beside.

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