Cloud Uptime: Everything You Need to Know

4 Feb.2020

cloud computing

Cloud computing is what leading modern technology and taking the currently available technologies to a new height. Without the availability of cloud computing, we would never have been able to come so far in the race of technological development.

From small businesses to science and research, cloud computing is being used everywhere and this is why the modern-day cloud computing applications have become the base of all the technological solutions that we use.

There are many things that you need to understand about cloud computing but in this blog post, we are going to talk about the most talked-about feature of cloud computing which is known as uptime. If you have ever gone through the best Hosted QuickBooks provider website then you must have seen features like 99.99% of high uptime and that is guaranteed from the cloud vendor but do you really understand what does this uptime means and how the cloud vendor calculates the percentage of uptime they can offer?

Well, if you are not aware of these things about uptime then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will go through everything that you need to know about uptime so that you can understand the cloud platform in a much better way.

What is uptime?

If we go by the definition of uptime given in the dictionary then we can simply say that uptime is the time period during which a particular piece of equipment or technological solution like a computer or is functioning properly. When it comes to cloud hosting then we can say that uptime is simply the percentage of time that your server or website remains active or is able to function during a course of a year.

This means that the higher the uptime, the better your productivity will be. More uptime means less interruption in your workflow and this is why with more uptime, you will be able to maintain the business continuity and maintain the workflow without any hitches.

What is 99.95% of uptime offered by cloud vendors?

If a cloud vendor is offering you a guaranteed uptime of 99.5% then it means that if for all the days during a year, leaving the 1.83 days, your server or website will remain active and accessible. You should know that there are many cloud vendors like Cloudwalks in the market that create aggressive SLAs around the uptime guarantee and they highlight 99.95 or even 99.99% of high uptime.

It is always better to choose a hosting provider that offers guaranteed uptime. If you will work with a cloud hosting provider that offers guaranteed uptime then you will be able to work more effectively and provide a better experience to your customers and employees as well.

But one important thing to know in uptime is that the uptime guarantee doesn’t include maintenance or schedules outrages.

What is the mathematical calculation for uptime?

There are many common uptime guarantees that can be broken into the mathematical calculation in order to know the expected downtime during a full year.

98% uptime

If a cloud vendor is offering you 98% of uptime then it means that you will face 28.8 minutes of downtime every day. Now if we will calculate this downtime for a whole week then we will get, 3.4 hours of downtime during a whole week. In a month, this downtime will be for 14.4 hours and in a full year, you will get 7.3 days of downtime if the cloud vendor is offering 98% of uptime.

Similarly, if you will calculate the hours into days and then go for a full year in the case of 99.99% of uptime then you will see that there is only 8.8 hours downtime. And 8.8 hours of downtime in a whole year is almost negligible downtime like in the case of some of the best QuickBooks cloud hosting service.

What is the importance of uptime in the cloud?

Most of the people shift to the cloud platform for better security, flexible accessibility, cost-effectiveness but high uptime is also one of the driving factors in this shift. One of the biggest hassles in in-house hardware-based solutions is that you will always have to face interruption due to the failure of the hardware and it can’t be avoided, even with the best IT team working in your company. This is why people shift to cloud in order to avoid this interruption.

The cloud platform, with its high uptime, increases the availability of the business solution and employees are able to work on the solution without any interruption. In the case of website hosting, high uptime means the website will always remain functional and the high availability of the website enhances the customer experience.

So, this is all that you need to know about uptime on the cloud platform. Now the next time you will see guaranteed uptime on the website of a cloud vendor, you will be well aware of what it means.

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