What Will Actually 5G Mean for Web Designers?

18 May.2020

The 5G Internet

Technology is always advancing so we’re used to innovations being announced almost every year, but no one could have expected such an extraordinary innovation as 5G. This is going to change the way we connect to each other forever, as well as almost completely eliminate connectivity issues.

5G will be especially beneficial for marketing and web designers because it will destroy all of the rules you’re used to right now. Your imagination will be limitless and people will finally be able to see the depth of your brilliance as a web designer.

Let’s see exactly what 5G means for your career:

1. Getting ready to work with 5G

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The key to succeeding with 5G as a web designer is to start working with it before things are even in motion. Remember that not everyone is lucky enough to live in an environment where 5G is new. Some parts of the world still hold 3G as the newest innovation. If you focus only on 5G, you’ll downsize your audience a lot because the majority can’t use it just yet.

Experimenting with 5G is still possible and highly advisable, though. 4K and VR are some of the most interesting new experiences 5G offers for web designers. The more you practice, the more success you’ll have when the world finally catches up to you.

Once the new technology becomes the norm and new standard, you’ll know exactly what you can do with it. Others will still be in the experimentation ages, giving you an edge and an advantage.

By the time your competition catches up, you’ll already be at the top of the industry. Your audience won’t have a need to do business with anyone else.

2. What to remember when working with 5G

Even though 5G is going to bring a lot of positive things to the web design community, it will bring some challenges with it, too. If you want to win the audience over and stay ahead of your competition, you’ll need to think long and hard about how these challenges can be overcome. It might sound easy, but it actually takes a lot more consideration than you might have anticipated.

One of the most important things to remember is that 5G won’t become instantly available to everyone. Instead, only major cities in first world countries will be able to reap the benefits of 5G in the beginning. It might take a world a while to catch up. People are going to be switching to 5G from 4G gradually, meaning that you’ll need to work with content easily viewable in both forms.

The transition from 4G to 5G can take anything between a few months and a whole year, so this isn’t a period you can simply wait out and then start working on 5G. After all the major cities have been connected to 5G, small countries and cities will begin their transition. This is all pretty complex right now, proven by the fact that even carriers don’t have the perfect system in place for 5G yet.

3. Better mobile experiences

People today use their mobile phones more than anything else. Any good website designer takes this fact into account when they’re designing a website or webpage. After all, UX is the present and future of web design. You have to think about how the customer interacts with the internet in general and how they will interact with your website. In other words, you need to make sure it can be accessed on the go.

5G will help you greatly in this quest. Instead of thinking about how to get the website to work, you’ll have a new concern: how to provide better, richer, and stronger experiences with the new connectivity. People will rightfully expect innovation with the new technology.

On top of this, you’ll need to take into account other devices such as smart glasses that will surely be popular in the future. 5G is going to fill the gap between computer and mobile users, though, which will make your job as a designer much easier.

4. Fast video streaming

Video is already insanely popular and useful in the world of marketing and it will only continue to increase in popularity thanks to 5G. Videos will no longer be slow or lag on a user’s device. Streaming is predicted to be between 10 and 100 times faster.

In other words, with 5G and one of the best SEO companies on your side, you’ll be unstoppable. The combination of 5G and good SEO will bring highly targeted traffic to any website you design and improve conversions significantly.

How you implement videos into the websites you design will be entirely up to you. Absolutely nothing will be able to limit your creativity, simply because you’ll finally have technology strong enough to support any vision you have.

Just imagine being able to play videos in 4K resolution without worrying all of your hard work is useless because barely anyone will be able to see it. In fact, you can even put videos as background images of web pages. This can serve to highlight some services and products, making people more likely to actually buy them.

5. Virtual and augmented reality

We’ve all heard of VR and AR, but no matter how impressed we are by them, they’re not really accessible to us. 5G says it’s time for that to change, making virtual and augmented reality two of the most important tools you can use as a web designer. Most people who are in web design are already familiar with 3D videos and they’re experimenting on how they can implement them into websites. AR apps are no different.

Essentially, this kind of technology could allow you to simulate the visitor’s surroundings, but with the product, you’re trying to sell somewhere neatly put in the picture. This helps customers visualise the product in their homes and makes them more likely to purchase it. After all, they already know the perfect place to put it! More people will make the investment if they know they’re not just wasting their money. Your elaborate AR design shows them they can’t afford to buy the product.

On top of this, it will be possible for customers to virtually enter the store you create. This store will be filled with the products you’re trying to sell, easily convincing them they’re making the right choice by shopping with you. 5G is there to ensure fast connectivity and no loading issues, allowing you to go overboard with content in the best way possible. Any website will be able to handle anything you throw at it, allowing you to relax and let your creative juices flow.


As you can see, 5G will have a significant impact on all areas of web design. You have to be smart about it, though, and do your research on time. Right now, you’re one of the first people who recognize the amazing possibilities 5G offers. Getting ahead of the competition means staying as smart and up to date with what’s going on as you are now. We’re confident you’ll be able to make a name for yourself with this technology and that you’ll absolutely thrive.

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