5 Web Development Best Practices for 2020

20 Feb.2020

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Many companies in the world develop and design websites. And we all know very well when a company established first of all its website is developed. Because this is the era of IT and peoples prefer to work online. So website development is very common these days. And every website development company wants to develop the best websites for its clients. In this article, I’ll write about 5 best website development practices that help them to develop their websites more efficiently.

1. Understand the big picture

This means that first of all understand the whole project and its requirements. What we have to develop what are its specifications. Some developers love to code too much they don’t understand the project and end the project by code over code again. They then do the planning phase of the project. So best practices are that in website development, first of all, make modules chunk of the whole web project and give a period to every module and chunk. After this allocate tasks to every team’s member if web development is doing in a team. And do all tasks in a sequence as decided at the start of the project. So planning at the start of web development and understand the whole project is best practice.

2. Write smarter, not more

The second practice for the best web developer is doing too much code and unnecessary things is not a good practice. A good practice is that every LOC (line of code) should have a necessary and definite purpose. Too much code becomes the cause of bugs. So it is recommended that every LOC (line of code) should solve a problem or provide a necessary feature to our webpage. When a programmer does too much code its difficult for other persons to understand as if he sells his website to another company or person. For good results do LOC (Line of code).

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel

If you are constructing a house, would you start construction without any map or scratch? 

Or by seeing nearly constructed hose you would develop your house? Before every construction or development, it’s necessary to follow a map, framework or scratch to follow for construction because they give direction to the constructor. In website development, website development companies should have a framework or structure according to which website will be designed. This will not only save time but it will also help inexperienced programmers to work easily and help them to easily understand the website project. So a web development framework is also a best practice.

4. Consider the future, but not too much

Website development companies should consider the future but not it means that they should work on innovations that are close to the future. But if they are developing a website they should develop the backend according to a few months ago or outdated technologies. Because these technologies are more understandable for the programmer instead of the newer ones. So the point is that programmers should use new technologies in the coding or their work but not too much. Because they use just new technologies in their website development their work becomes the default and complicated. However, a good practice is to use old technologies more than newer ones.

5. Write testable code

Testing is an essential tool for a website developer. This is a best practice to write a testable code. Although some code is written in a way that is difficult to test. But programmers should write code that would be easily testable. Programmers should make sure to follow good practices and write easy to read and testable code. Because without testing you can’t find the bugs in your code. And without testing our code is useless. So code should be written testable and tested after every module or chunk completion. Programmers sold apply efficient testing techniques on their code.

It is recommended that we use good practices for website development. I suggest all web site development company in Egypt should apply these practices to develop their websites.

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