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Released 31 May 2012

As the technology and creative partner of CareerLounge, Helix Digital has worked with CareerLounge to realise its business strategy and innovative thinking around youth employment in a social business platform targeted at 15 to 28 year olds.

The CareerLounge platform incorporates many social media elements which have evolved to become special purpose tools to aid in career development and employment.

The Journey

Ongoing Development and Partnership

The CareerLounge brand journey has seen the implementation of unique approaches and innovative progression. Helix Digital, working with CareerLounge has evolved the CareerLounge brand, capitalizing on its appeal to youth. With a distinct comet logo, Helix Digital embodied the CareerLounge journey that every member experiences from the time they sign up.

Just like a comet is always moving forward, Helix Digital is always looking for original ways to further cement CareerLounge as the leading social business platform.