How Mobile Application Development Can Boost Your Ecommerce

22 Sep.2020

How Mobile Application Development Can Boost Your Ecommerce

Ecommerce industries are investing in mobile application development to attract online customers. The reason is, it makes your journey easier to reach potential clients directly through the phone.

Your ecommerce store should have a reliable and seamless mobile app to earn sales cash. And this can only be possible by getting the services of ecommerce platform development.

There are a lot of challenges with the popularity of mobile applications that start-ups bring. In addition to functionality and technology, they need to address the cost of high-end mobile application development.

Understanding customer demand is key to an effective ecommerce business. In today’s digital age, Building an ecommerce platform will help you to win the hearts of the customers and understand their choices. It can boost your online business exponentially.

How mobile app development can boost your ecommerce start-ups?

How mobile app development can boost your ecommerce start-ups

Customer engagement

Ecommerce mobile applications provide the best way to engage customers and attract them towards your brand. It also informs your clients about your brand’s latest updates, new product launches, promotional offers, and discounts, which ultimately converts into sales.

More than 3.1 billion people are already using smartphones around the globe. So, it is a great marketplace and an opportunity for you to grab their attention to your business.

Easy to re-market

A smooth and managed navigation panel in the mobile application helps the customer to add products into the cart and place the order quickly. And at the time of re-purchase, the previously saved or ordered items along with the current offers and reviews, make their task easier.

Likewise, you can use the existing customer base to approach again for new offers.

Stay out of the crowd

Rather than a traditional way of selling products through your physical store, it’s more convenient to sell them online. Moreover, even in this internet-based era, most business owners are still following the former way of selling the products.

So, why don’t you approach the best ecommerce mobile app development company, which can help you to stay out of the crowd in this competitive market?

Effective marketing tool

Through mobile applications, you can ensure reaching the perfect audience followed by Google analytics tracking.

You can even integrate the app with various social media channels that allow customers to see the updates of your existing and coming offers. It can also send you important data about customer behaviour, location, demographics which help you to optimise your marketing efforts.

Improve sales and profits

An ecommerce mobile app clone can influence customers to buy products from your brand. The reason is, consumers are already familiar with similar platforms like yours. As an add-on, it will save their time as well in checkouts. You can also use push notifications that will deceive customers when they’re in the vicinity of a physical store.

So, first, you should shortlist some popular ecommerce applications and ask your mobile application developer to clone them with the required manipulation.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate marketing is one of the gold metrics in the internet world. The mobile application conversion rate is much higher than the mobile browser conversion rate.

The best strategy to build your ecommerce app to boost revenue

The best strategy to build your ecommerce app to boost up revenue

Here is the proven strategy for building an ecommerce platform:

Define goals

It’s important to know why you want this app and what your goals are, even before starting the ecommerce platform development process. You need to know about targeting your audience and the conversation rate.

Interest of your customers

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Also, you need to understand what your customers are interested in and what kind of products they would like to buy and they will find the application you will create. If you know these things, you can improve your app marketing.

Choose the right technology partner

Learn the ins and outs of your business to choose the right technology partner for building an ecommerce platform. Then you need to know your list. Keep an eye on the development budget. An amazing development partner like Ibiixo can help you select the best database, structure, and CMS and back and front language for your most important code application. The custom ready to go solution with Ibiixo will be the best choice if you want to boost your business.

To minimize mental efforts, it’s better to hire a professional mobile app development company. Because they keep updating their knowledge to go with market demand and trends.


Give your mobile app clone an appropriate name with beautiful colour schemes and smooth transitions from one page to another for your customers. Create logo options and make the most of them. Play with the subconscious mind as your customers and use smart branding strategies to make a good impression.

Amid the process, if you are stuck anywhere, Ibiixo is here to help you with a perfect branding strategy for ecommerce platform development.

How to build an ecommerce app to outreach the competitors?

How to build an ecommerce app to outreach the competitors

Start understanding the requirements of mobile application development with your team. A few ideas on what might be on your list:

Simple checkouts: While building an eCommerce platform, a simple checkout does two tasks. It makes purchases easier and more convenient. What it does for ecommerce, both B2C, and B2B.

Wishlists: Through wishlist, customers will be able to repurchase what they purchased before.

Payment option: Relevant payment options should be given in mobile applications so that customers can easily pay.

Review and rating: The app should have the option of review and rating because most of the customers rely on the opinion of others.

Social integration: Social channel integration is the most important thing when building an app. It will help you to keep your app at the forefront. Whether your customers are on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, your app can easily reach them.

Promotion: Once you understand, how to build an ecommerce app, You need to promote your app as well to get popularity.

You can start writing a blog, make video content, share the details about your app on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Consistently, it will help you to boost your ecommerce start-up business.

Market the app: The last step in how to create an ecommerce mobile application is, marketing the app in various mobile app stores. You can ask your mobile app developer to publish it on the Google play store or the Apple store to reach the maximum number of mobile users.

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