5 Digital Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

2 Dec.2018

Digital Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

It is no secret that digital marketing is one of the best ways to get ahead of your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you already established a name for your brand or is trying to give your startup business a boost. What better way to promote what you have to offer than by utilising the most significant platform available?

Many definitive factors can affect the success of your campaign. It will depend on your planning, strategy, and implementation. If you’re in need of the best ways to optimise your digital marketing, then keep on reading.

Here are the top five digital marketing tips every entrepreneur and digital marketer needs to know.

1. Get yourself a business website

If there is an absolute need for every business nowadays, it would be a working website for your brand. This will be the face of your company online. Without one, you could lose potential customers and revenue. Why? Statistics show that not having a business website affects the decision-making consumers.

When creating a business website, make sure to keep it user-friendly, easy to navigate and is appropriate for your niche. All traffic should point towards your site which makes it vital to have all the essentials of a website design. It should have all the necessary information like your goods and services offered as well as contact details. Other website must-haves include basic SEO, an SSL Certificate, and social proof.

It is important to note that your company website should also be mobile-friendly. Most users are using their mobile devices to surf the net. If potential clients can’t view your site without logging in on a computer, you can expect them to bring their business elsewhere.

2. Say yes to search engine optimisation

Time and time again, we hear that SEO is the secret of every successful digital marketing campaign. By giving your website a boost, you can take advantage of the many perks that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has to offer. SEO allows you to reach out to your target audiences by appearing in search engines just like what the best SEO services are doing. When your site is optimised, you’ll get a better ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. This allows you to improve branding, visibility and awareness.

Another reason why you need SEO is that it is a good investment. When you pay a top-notch specialist to work on your SEO, you can get higher ROIs compared to paid advertisements. Why? Your customers will only click on paid ads they find interesting. However, this is not enough to convert those users into customers. With custom-made SEO, you get organic clicks and real visitors you can turn into clients.

3. Personalise your email marketing

If you think email campaigns are no longer effective – think again. It is true that there are new marketing techniques on the rise like live video streaming. However, email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways you can use to turn old customers and subscribers into convertibles.

The best thing about it is that it allows you to create personalised marketing campaigns. Since you already have contacts who opted-in on your mailing list, you can reach out to those audiences based on their needs and interests. However, one struggle would be creating an email marketing campaign that your subscribers won’t treat as spam.

Many of us can now differentiate a generic email from a spammy marketing ploy. This is the very reason why personalised emails are the best. If your customers and subscribers receive contents that peaks their interests and contains things they actually need, then you can increase their purchase intent.

4. Say hello to blogging

Tons of brand new and exciting contents are created, posted and made available every single day. By utilising the blogging movement, one can significantly affect a brand’s visibility.

Creating a blog related to your niche and indexed to your website allows you to enjoy many perks. This can increase site traffic, gives your visitors something to look forward to, allows your brand to interact with your customers and have a sense of authenticity and personality.

Make sure to create unique, interesting, informative and useful contents for your blog. Treat each post as something your visitors will love. It should be something they are willing to pay for and visit many times over. Use a different approach without losing your personality. Another way to take advantage of the blogging movement would be via Blogger Outreach SEO.

Blogger Outreach SEO is all about building bridges with bloggers and blog owners under the same niche. This allows both parties to gain benefits like blog posting gigs and getting quality backlinks. You will have the ability to get sponsored posts and invite other bloggers to contribute to your contents. You can even raise brand awareness thanks to the audiences who already trust the opinions and recommendations of your blogger friends.

5. Don’t forget about social media marketing

This one is a no-brainer. You’re already way behind the game if your competitors have their own social media pages and you don’t. There is a reason why almost all businesses have social media pages. Since nearly everyone has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, this only means it is the biggest platform you need to utilise.

One mistake every rookie digital marketer makes is trying to put your gold in too many baskets – all at once. It might be true that your target audiences have at least one social media site. However, this is not enough reason to set up a business page on every network you can. Start with the ones that you’re already familiar with because handling too many accounts can overwhelm anyone.

Focus on sites you often use for it will give you the advantage of knowing how things work and how to use them. Be consistent when posting, scheduling and creating contents. Aim to get maximum interactions. Tons of followers and likes are great.

However, if you do not get many shares and you only a small number of interactions out of your social media, all your efforts will go to waste.

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