3 AI Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

23 May 2024
AI Tools to Improve Social Media Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future of marketing and is here now.

Several AI-powered tools claim to benefit social media marketing, but not all of them work as advertised. These three AI tools will help you automate most aspects of marketing strategy so you can concentrate on what matters.

Why use AI for social media marketing?

AI helps marketers create more efficient social media marketing campaigns and use their time more efficiently. It permits companies to extract insight from user data and automate many procedures to leverage social media platforms better and achieve better marketing ROI.

Four ways to implement AI tools in your social media strategy

AI marketing tools are transmitting the social media strategy. Some of the top ways to implement artificial indigence in your social media strategies include:

Four ways to implement AI tools

1. Content creation and management

Content gets your visitors to connect with your business. Unfortunately, creating content for your social channels can take tremendous time. You will still have to allocate it, manage interactions, and closely monitor it to see how remarkable AI social media marketing is.

AI tools for social media can learn how your company speaks, what content appeals to your visitors, and create relevant content with suitable hashtags and links within moments. It can include these important points to go out at the most efficient times for max engagement. AI can go above and beyond regular visitor settings.

This means you can discover and target more high-quality leads and prospects.

2. Automate your Social Media marketing tasks

One key benefit of using AI social media tools for your social media strategy is their automation abilities. AI and social media can boost productivity by automating tedious and recurring jobs.

3. Improving service and customer experience

People have done business with companies that offer excellent customer service. Again, though, client satisfaction and retention start with knowing your customers.

Using AI tools for social media, you will understand your visitor’s preferences and get nearer to them.
You can produce content, target advertisements, and make essential changes to your services or products that improve your customer’s experience.

You can identify issue areas, fix them right away, and quickly respond to problems and complaints to offer the best user experience on social media.

4. Competitor analysis

If you want to go ahead of the curve, you must monitor your competitors to examine how to beat them.

AI analytics can assist you in analyzing your opponent’s social media profiles perfectly and rapidly. For example, you can monitor their search conversion rates, engagement rates, user sentiment, and social media strategies that yield outcomes.

With this information, you can optimize your social media marketing strategy to increase engagement and conversations.

Top 3 AI tools for your social media strategy

There are several AI social media tools you will find on the internet, and we will discuss the top three AI tools to improve social media marketing:

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Website: https://sproutsocial.com/

Using social media to execute community management can help you generate tweets that can be utilized to reply to customers, fans, and followers. You can see and respond to tweets directed at your business from the Sprout Social AI dashboard.

The admin department also has the power to manage DMs through Sprout Social. In both the Sprout dashboard and direct message view, the AI tool analyzes the sentiment and workings of a message or tweet and suggests an auto-response that you can tweak or use.

Although artificial intelligence has a complete conversion with every follower, this automation might quicken the procedure for sending instant tweets or messages to respond to people.



Website: https://www.yext.com/

When it comes to monitoring reviews, YEXT is your best bet.

YEXT processes a vast amount of data (i.e., Customer reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.), understands what is being said within it, and prioritizes what you’d respond to.

You can easily manage your internet reputation by analyzing, monitoring, and responding to customer feedback.

3. Phrasee


Website: https://phrasee.co/

This AI-powered copywriting tool helps businesses optimize marketing copy. Thanks to its natural language system, Phrasee also helps create perfect marketing copy that sounds human.

Further, it is a deep learning engine that helps predict the language’s work and would not interfere with higher accuracy. It pulls information from different advertising assets such as social media emails, copy, and other internet posts to identify the last and most efficient.

With this, you can post and copy easily you created and test its efficiency or use the advertisement copy suggested by the platform.


As you enter 2024 with home strategies and hopes, it’s best to implement AI tools for your benefit. While it might sound slightly overwhelming, there are tools connected with artificial intelligence that can make the procedure marginally easier.

As a digital marketer, you must be aware of all the crucial tools, as these are specifically designed to make social media marketing easier.

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