WordPress and Internet of Things: Uses, Risks and Platforms

26 Dec.2018


The internet has permeated deep into every aspect of human life and our dependence on it is growing every day. The advent of the Internet of Things will only make the reliance stronger as the technology expands to devices other than computers. WordPress is the leader in web development will also be affected by this innovation.

Website owners will have to know how WordPress and Internet of Things can work together. The open-source CMS which encourages people to convert HTML CSS to WordPress or migrate websites to WordPress from other formats will definitely be affected by IoT in the future.

In this article, we will discuss this latest technology and its effect on the web development platform.

What Is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects physical objects with each other through the world wide web. IoT is based on the path-breaking concept that no human intervention is needed to facilitate this communication between objects.

Not only smart devices with operating systems but even completely unconnected objects can also be made to exchange information. Sensors are used on such dumb products to make them aware.

The innovation which will lead to the rise of “thinking devices” is expected to make life simpler for humans. Imagine never to worry about that air-conditioner left running while you drive to the office. IoT will ensure that the AC unit registers your presence to switch on and turns off automatically when you leave.

A common example of the technology is the smartwatch which has become popular with all types of people. The device relies on IoT to measure the heart rate and other metrics of a person to make fitness suggestions.

What are the uses of IoT?

The innovative technology can be used in all kinds of industries to improve their productivity. As mentioned earlier it has the potential to make human life even more simple.

Smart Homes

The technology is making its presence felt in everyday human life with many companies developing smart home solutions. All electronic devices in a home and its lighting and security can be controlled by an automated system.


Wearable devices are the most popular application of IoT. The smartwatch or fitness tracking bracelet that counts your steps to make relevant suggestions is being used by most people. These devices can be easily connected to other devices like TV or a smartphone through the internet.

Industrial Internet

A broader application of the innovation can be seen in the form of industrial internet. Connecting machinery and systems in industries will improve their efficiency and reduce breakdowns and system failures.

Smart Grid

One of the most innovative applications of IoT is a smart power grid which understands customer usage patterns. In addition to this, it can gauge power suppliers’ behaviour to improve the efficiency of power grids.

Smart City

Another radical use of this technology is going to be useful for developing nations. A connected city will be better run with transportation, waste management, security etc. handled with IoT applications.

What are the platforms to integrate WordPress with IoT?

WordPress and Internet of Things can be integrated together to provide a better user experience. The technology can be used by an e-commerce operator to set custom sound notifications for each inquiry or sale. The technology can also help them track their performance metrics like sales figures. Website management will also become easy with users being notified immediately whenever an issue crops up.

WordPress possesses a medium in the form of REST API to connect with other applications. Custom solutions can be built by using the standard endpoint provided by the API. There is still no universal medium for connecting devices and the open-source CMS depends on external platforms to integrate IoT.

Following are three such beneficial tools:



One of the most popular platforms, If This Then That (IFTTT) uses the concept that a response to an event can generate an outcome. It supports various applications including WordPress which can be connected with each other.

2. littleBits


littleBits provides electronic building blocks to people who can use them to build devices. They can use the service to connect their inventions to the internet. It can be integrated with WordPress through API, IFTTT or a plugin.

3. Particle


A full-fledged IoT platform, Particle can be connected to the open-source CMS through Particle REST API or Spark Channel on IFTTT.

What are the risks associated with IoT usage?

IoT will revolutionize the way we live and work but the technology comes with some huge cybersecurity challenges. With so many connected devices in a system, the potential entry points for unauthorized access increase.

Following are the major risks associated with growing usage of IoT:

Attacks for data theft

A whole network connected through the internet attracts the unwanted attention of hackers. They can try to make concentrated DDoS attacks to steal valuable enterprise data.

Breach of privacy

Connected homes or personal devices can be manipulated to breach the privacy of individuals and access personal data. This is one of the biggest hazards of using IoT to manage everyday life.

Multiple entry points for hackers

As mentioned earlier, an IoT using system provides multiple entry points which can be used by hackers. Earlier, most systems had usually a single access point which could be exploited by hackers but modern systems are more vulnerable.


WordPress and Internet of Things can be combined together to devise innovative solutions for users. People must be careful while using the technology, though as unmonitored usage can lead to cybersecurity issues.

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