How to generate sales for E-commerce store on Instagram?

10 Jun.2019

How to generate sales for Ecommerce store on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking websites used by 1 billion people all over the world. This photo sharing website was created as a space for sharing and viewing photos and videos.

Now, a good number of E-commerce brands use it to advertise products and services & generate sales. So, how to create an effective marketing strategy to sell products on Instagram?

Let’s find out:

Create your company’s account on Instagram

A steadily developing Instagram profile is tantamount to sell products online, expand the audience base and increase revenues. Nevertheless, many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t know how to create a proper business account on Instagram.

Just signup on Instagram by filling some details. Add your company’s logo, picture, full address, contact number, main business message, etc, to the account. Make sure your account looks authentic and professional.

Take care of the visual appearance of your page and make improvements if necessary. You can also use your personal Instagram account for business promotion and sales by making some necessary edits.

Determine user’s need in advance

It is very important for you to clarify customer needs in advance. Individuals available on Instagram will not pay attention to your offer if they don’t find it useful. Therefore, conduct marketing research & determine the future needs of customers in advance.

You can analyze the data collected in the CRM software, Google Analytics, and past transactions. Carefully examine the data and make predictions about the potential items that are likely to be purchased by customers. This will help you to personalize business marketing campaigns and sell more products on Instagram.

High-quality image content

Always keep in mind that Instagram is an image sharing website. Here, images work wonders than text content. So, you need to click HD images of your products, choose the right image format, trim its shape and size as per individual needs, add the main business messages, and upload the posts on your account.

High-quality posts can easily attract the attention of the targeted audience and will help you to sell more products/services.

Use short videos

Did you even consider using placing video posts on your social media page as a marketing tool? If not, then you must know that modern Internet users prefer watching informative videos to make transactions.

So, be active and create different types of videos for your brand such as, how to do, informative, user-guides, problem-solving videos, etc. Share these videos on your Instagram profile. Interested visitors will view those videos and take the desired actions as per their needs.

Use hashtags for campaigns

According to a report, 70% of all hashtags on Instagram are used by brands. The post engagement rate becomes 12.6% higher. But it doesn’t mean you should litter your publications with random words.

Always keep in mind that Hashtags can be an excellent tool to attract subscribers, promote a brand, and classify users. But you need to use them wisely.

Instagram live streaming

Instagram Live streaming allows you to quickly deliver the right information to potential customers and generate leads/sales. It has become one of the main marketing channels for many marketing companies. Always keep in mind that live videos have the magical ability to conquer the hearts of potential customers.

Go live on Instagram to communicate with the audience in real time and answer their questions in real time. By 2020, this new advertising method is likely to bring 13% traffic to websites and help business organizations to sell more products and services.

Final words

Instagram is a popular image sharing websites used by a large number of tech-savvy people across the globe. Use the above-mentioned tips to market your products on this innovative platform and sell products online. Happy Selling!

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Mary Scott is the Sr Php Programmer cum technical writer of Stellen Infotech, an India based Web Development & Digital Marketing Company offering most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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