5 Best Elementor Widget Plugins for 2020

20 Jan.2020

Elementor Widget Plugins

There is no doubt that the Elementor page builder is a great website builder available for WordPress. It is offering you some of the great features. So you can create almost all types of websites pretty easily. However, there are times when we wish that we could simply have more features or widgets to try out and this is where the Elementor widget plugins come into play.

There are quite a lot of third-party Elementor Widget Plugins available, which adds more and more features to the Elementor page builder. In case, if you are too looking for Elementor Widget plugins, then let me just go ahead and share a list of 5 Best Elementor Widget Plugins for 2020 with you.

So here we go:

1. Mighty addons


At first, I have the Mighty Addons. The best part of this Elementor widget is that it is completely free to use and loaded with features.

The thing I personally liked about this addon is that it is pretty lightweight. This will surely help in eliminating loading issues.

Also, Mighty Addons works extremely well with any WordPress theme that supports Elementor. So there is nop need to change the theme to use this widget.

Plus, with this addon, you will be getting a bunch of widgets like the MT Testimonial, MT Progress Bar, MT Counter, MT Button Group, MT Before After, MT Gradient Heading, MT Flip Box, MT opening hours and so on. Also, the team behind the add-on is adding more and more features.

What’s more? The widget is also backed by a dedicated support team. So be assured that no matter when you face a problem, their team will help you with all the support and updates.


2. PowerPack


If you are looking for a bunch of widgets to play with, then PowerPack is one of the best Elementor Widget Plugins available out there. The best part of this addon is that it comes more than 60 widgets.

These widgets include FAQ Schema, How To Schema, Image Gallery, Testimonials, Content Ticker, Scroll Image, Magazine Sliders, Video Gallery, Card Slider, Advanced Tabs, Off-Canvas Content, Showcase Widget, Popup Box and so on.

Moreover, the addon is also pretty lightweight. So your website loads fast without any lags. Also, you will be getting pixel-perfect designs that are completely mobile responsive. The addon also works pretty smoothly on multi-site setup and the best part is that you will be getting regular updates for better compatibility with the latest version Elementor and WordPress.

However, this addon is not free. Instead, it comes with two different plans, which are the yearly and lifetime and both of these plans offer you WooCommerce Widgets, and you will be able to use the addon on unlimited websites.


3. The plus addons for Elementor


The Plus Addon For Elementor is offering you up to 80 powerful Elementor Widgets. Along with that, you are also getting 18+ templates, and it comes with 300+ UI Blocks and Amazing Listing Builder for post types. So you can give your users the best experience possible.

Talking about the Widgets, with this one, you will be getting Animated Text, Smooth Control, Circle Menu, Pricing Style, Protected Content, Audio Player, Parallax Background, Segment Background, Canvas Background and so on.

Also, the Addon is offering features for the WordPress website designers, developers, and webmasters. Talking about the features, there is no coding knowledge is required. Also, the theme is extremely lightweight and mobile-friendly. Plus, it is WooCommerce Compatible, and you are getting a bunch of other features.

However, this Addon is not free to download. The Addon has prices for a single website and 3 websites and both of the plans are valid for a year only.


4. AnyWhere Elementor


In case if you are in searching for a free yet best Elementor widget plugin, then do check out the AnyWhere Elementor. This one is available as a free and premium version and it allows you to insert Elementor pages, library templates, and global templates anywhere using Shortcodes.

However, it does not offer you a huge list of available widgets, though. But you are getting the basic widgets like the Post Navigation, Search Form, Custom Fields, Custom Taxonomy, Post Author, Post Image, Post Blocks, and so on.

Also, you will be getting a bunch of functionalities with this one. Like global post layouts, post archive layouts, WooCommerce support, you will be able to design 404 pages and search page layouts.

As far as it comes to the pricing of AnyWhere Elementor Pro, you are getting 4 different plans and the plans are pretty affordable and reasonable. However, a piece of advice from me to you would be to start with the free version at first.


5. Elementor extras

In the end, I have the Elementor Extras. This addon is also offering you a bunch of widgets for Elementor. The premium version of the widget comes with 17+ new widgets and 4+ new design settings.

Also, you are getting a few design settings. Like you will be able to add a parallax effect to any widget or column, You can create parallax backgrounds for sections, stick any Elementor widget or section to its parent, and so on.

As far as the widgets are concerned, with this one you will be getting post extra, search form, off-canvas, slide menu, Google Map, audio and video player, Gallery Extra, Gallery Slider, Heading Extra, Text divider, Image comparison, popup, Age gate and so on.

However, this addon is not free. Instead, it comes with three different pricing plans, which are single, unlimited, and lifetime and with all of the plans, you are getting 31+ widgets and extensions. Also, they are offering 14 days money-back guarantee.


So those were the 5 Best Elementor Widget Plugins for 2020. Now go ahead and check out these Elementor Widget Plugins and see which one works best for you. Also, if there is anything you would like to ask, do comment below.

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